The Different Brands of B-Tech

B-Tech's extensive product portfolio is divided into several sub-ranges, making each product line more easily identifiable.

Listed below are the major B-Tech product ranges.


A range of mounting solutions all under one roof.

B-Tech’s comprehensive range of ‘Mountlogic’ audio video mounts has been specifically developed for use with all your home AV equipment. This core range of over 50 of our most popular mounting solutions has been designed for simple installation and come with many additional features making our mounts easy to install and great to use. Key features include the ‘OWLS™’ On Wall Levelling System to ensure your screen is mounted level, integrated cable management for a smart installation, and easy to follow instruction manuals for trouble-free installation. This range, in it's bright, eye-catching packaging is designed with the retailer and the end user in mind.

Pro Install Banner

The ideal mounting solution for the the professional installer.

Designed for the professional installer, The B-Tech Professional Range of AV mounts is one of the most versatile in the industry and consists of flat screen mounts, the System 2 pole mounting component system (see below), professional projector mounts, flat screen trolleys and floor stands, desk mounts, exhibition mounts, AV security devices, security fasteners and professional install cables. Using heavy guage steel, this range is designed to make professional installations safe, solid and secure, whilst providing simple, cost effective solutions for commercial and public installations.

System 2 Banner

This modular component system enables professional installers to tailor mounting solution to suit their own requirements.

The System 2 series is a component based range designed for professional installations. For greater flexibility and convenience, components are supplied individually and can be used to create custom installations to suit almost any application. The System 2 Range works on a modular principle with 50mm (2") diameter poles that can easily be cut to length and joined. Poles may be attached to the wall or ceiling and can hold all manner of AV devices with the use of accessory collars and mounts from B-Tech. Mounts for joists, purlins, I-beams and both internal and external pole joiners make the System 2 Range a truly versatile and flexible modular mounting system. This new range is compatible with existing installations and may also be used in conjunction with truss systems, scaffolding poles, NPT pipes or other poles from 48mm to 51mm in diameter. Accessory brackets and collars also allow other AV equipment such as speakers, DVD players or laptop computers to be mounted onto the installation.

Ventry Banner

This range of affordable, easy to install mounting solutions is ideally suited for the home environment.

The Ventry Range is ideal for the retail consumer and offers a low cost alternative to the comprehensive Mountlogic Range. Simple yet secure, the Ventry Range continues to grow both in size and popularity and the range now features extra AV mounting solutions in addition to the original line of flat screen mounts. These additional solutions include speaker stands, AV care and cleaning products and a High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet.