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Please enter your screen details below and we will recommend a suitable mount, giving you options for fixed, tilt, full motion, mobile or ceiling mounted. If no suitable option is suggested, it's very likely we can still support your needs by supplying a standard bracket together with one of our adaptors, or by using a product from our modular component range.

For some screens sizes, we may have multiple bracket options available. The mount finder will suggest the bracket we would normally recommend. If you would like to see additional options, please view our full range of flat screen mounts and trolleys. Please contact us if you need any further assistance selecting a solution.  

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Single Screen Solutions

  1. Fixed

    Not Available
  2. Tilt

    Not Available
  3. Full Motion

    Not Available
  4. Trolley

    Not Available
  5. Ceiling - 1m Drop

    Not Available
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No product has been automatically selected. Please check our range of screen mounts and mounting adaptors and refer to the specifications tab to check their capabilities. Alternatively, contact us for help identifying the correct solution.
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