B-Tech bring curve appeal to videowalls and menu boards

25 Jul 18

B-Tech Launch Angle Adjustment Connector


B-Tech bring curve appeal to videowalls and menu boards

B-Tech AV Mounts are pleased to announce that we have released an angled bracket that allows for creative, curved installations using our renowned System X mounting technology.

Named the BT8390-AAC (Angle Adjustment Connector), the bracket fixes between two System X rails to provide an angled joint. With angle capability up to 45°, the connector is ideal for assembling videowalls and menu boards in curved configurations. Typically of B-Tech products, fitting is hassle free with integrated mounting guides assisting in a swift and secure assembly.

The product has been engineered to meet the demand for the growing number of displays being installed with curved configurations, as business development manager Mark Walker explains: “Digital signage is commonplace and end users are wanting displays and designs that catch the eye and stand out from the norm. Creative displays, such as curved staircase signage, or wrap-around menu boards, deliver strong focal points by providing something different to a single flat digital canvas.”

He adds: “We know how integrators enjoy the convenience and simplicity of using System X, so we wanted to provide a simple-to-use solution that makes assembling creative, curved displays an easy process and our angle adjustment connector does just that.”

In addition to the BT8390-AAC, a BT8333 curved menu board and a new range of curved videowall stands are soon to be made available. The BT8373, BT8374, BT8375 and BT8376 utilise our range of bases to give freestanding, mobile and bolt down options and are pre-configured with the BT8390-AAC angled bracket, empowering installers with an ‘out of the box’ curved videowall solution. 


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