View our recent webinar 'How to Create Stunning Videowall Displays'

26 May 20

'How to Create Stunning Videowall Displays' Webinar



On May 21st B-Tech AV Mounts teamed up with Datapath and Brightsign to present an online webinar: 'How to Create Stunning Videowall Displays'

If you missed out on the live presentation we are hosting the full webinar online to watch whenever you like.

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How to Create Stunning Videowall Displays 

In this practical webinar, we demonstrate how to create impressive videowall displays using B-Tech mounts, Datapath controllers, and BrightSign players, covering the various aspects of a videowall install:

  • Various mounting solutions available for commercial and public installations.
  • Create a videowall configuration using Datapath's x-Series of controllers and Wall Designer software.
  • Manage content, schedule and control the players via BrightSign’s new network management platform


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