B-Tech Returns to Exhibit at ISE 2023

06 Feb 23



The start of the year can only mean one thing in the pro AV industry; ISE. This year’s event saw over 58k attendees through the doors of the Fira de Barcelona, and for B-Tech AV Mounts, it was once again a pleasure to be exhibiting, at what was our 17th ISE!

With the 2022 show taking place just last summer, it has been an unusually short turnaround between shows, but after months of planning, it was great to be able to invite customers to the B-Tech booth once again, which had undergone some noticeable improvements since last year and featured solutions for the largest variety of technologies that we have ever displayed.

The product selection on show contained a mix of staple B-Tech products which have set the industry standards for mounting over the past few years, new solutions launched during the past few months as well as prototype products that we were excited to be able to demo to our booth visitors for the very first time. Some of these are highlighted below, but please view our full gallery of photos and videos at the bottom of this page for a more extensive view of the booth.



  Be sure to check out our show exclusive booth overview video:

At 19x7m, this is our largest and most impressive ISE booth to date, with the widest variety of mounted technologies.
The hugely popular BT8568 Motorised Height Adjustable Trolley partnered with the i3TOUCH X-ONE 75” is a perfect solution for education settings.
Our exciting range of stylish XL wall arms continues to grow, with solutions to fit screens of a variety of sizes.


Our shop front window drew a lot of attention this year with solutions designed specifically for mounting with limited space,
including for the Samsung 55 OMN-D.


A large portion of the B-Tech booth was dedicated to our dvLED mounts, which have become an increasingly popular cornerstone of our range during the past couple of years. Our confidence in the range, and in particular our BT9343 curved system, was cemented for us on Tuesday evening when it picked up the best AV Accessory award at the InAVation Awards. We couldn’t have been prouder! For the duration on the show, we teamed up with the Bendac Group, who supplied their premium LED displays which were used throughout the B-Tech booth, creating a truly stunning visual display mounted to our system in a variety of different configurations; flat, curved and a mix of both, mounted to the wall and also as stands.


B-Tech’s dvLED mounting system is the ideal solution for hassle free installations - shown here mounted into a corner.
B-Tech’s dvLED mounting system is the ideal solution for hassle free installations - shown here with an angled join.
B-Tech’s dvLED mounting system can be used on the wall, ceiling or as a floor stand - this bolt down version features an adjustable base to accommodate uneven surfaces.
Convex and concave curved dvLED videowall installs are also possible - it was this system that picked up the InAVation Award.
Since 2016 this range of mounting interfaces for System X has set the industry standard for multi-screen mounting, allowing almost any type of display to be mounted.
The industry leading System X range is ideal for broadcast and control rooms with the ability to mix and match screen sizes and add forward tilt to rows of screens.


Another cornerstone of the B-Tech range over the past 12 months are the BT7883 and BT7885 screen mounts with integrated slide out storage trays, which continue to receive a huge amount of interest from booth visitors. Alongside these, the newest additions to the range were also on show; the BT7888 and BT7889, which are standalone storage solutions that can be mounted alongside a separate mount, allowing users to add AV storage to any mounted display.

On display alongside our storage solutions, and at various locations throughout the booth, were a range of specialist adaptors for mounting video bars. These were installed onto a variety of B-Tech products, demonstrating the flexibility of our solutions to work interchangeably on any B-Tech wall mount or stand. On display were adaptors for the BOSE VB1 and VB-S, the Poly Studio, Logitech Rally Plus Speakers and Rally Bar, as well as the Yealink A30, but be sure to check out our video bars page to see the full range.


Stand alone slide-out trays join the all-in-one BT7883 and BT7885 media storage solutions along with a range of videobar mounting plates suitable for a range of brands.
B-Tech's huge variety of floor stands and trolleys cover all types of installations, large or small.


Click here to view are article on our exciting win at the InAVation Awards held during ISE.


If you didn't make it to ISE and would like to see the full range of B-Tech AV Mounts, feel free to get in contact to visit us at one of our European showrooms in Daventry UK@btechavmounts.com, Brussels Europe@btechavmounts.com or Barcelona Iberia@btechavmounts.com. We're also excited to be exhibiting at a number of shows around the world this year, so keep an eye on our LinkedIn pages to keep up to date with our latest news. If you’re in the US, we especially look forward to inviting you to our infoComm booth in Orlando in June.

B-Tech AV Mounts at ISE 2023
Show Overview

BT9343 Award Winning Curved
dvLED videowall

BT8562 and BT7877
with Bose VB1

BT7885 & BT7883 Wall Mounts with AV Storage and optional VC Mount

BT8325 Ceiling Mount and BT8326 Floor Mount for Samsung OMN-D series

Flat to Curved
dvLED Solutions

BT8390-RFB Retractable
Floor Base

BT8517 Twin Screen Mounting Solution with BT7878 Mounting Plate

Overview of B-Tech's award winning Curved dvLED Mounting Solutions

Mounting Solutions for Unified Communications and Soundbars

rAVe TV:
BT8380-RFB Retractable Floor Base
for Digital Signage

rAVe TV:
BT8325 and BT8326 Mounts
for Samsung OMN-D Series

rAVe TV:
BT8562 Universal Flat Screen Trolley and BT7877 Mounting Plate for use with Bose VB1 Videobar


rAVe TV:
BT9372 Bolt-Down Mount dvLED Mounting Solution with BT8380-AFB Adjustable Bases

rAVe TV:
BT7885 and BT7883 Pull-Out
Storage Mounts 


rAVe TV:
BT9343 Curved dvLED
Mounting Solution


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