B-Tech AV Mounts has a brand new look!

08 Jan 24


B-Tech AV Mounts are thrilled to begin the year with the introduction of an all-new company logo and brand style.


Maintaining a strong, recognisable identity has been pivotal in B-Tech’s global growth, until now only two different B-Tech logos have been used since the company was formed in 1972. Now, the name B-Tech is synonymous with pro AV mounting and we are recognised as an A-tier brand by integrators and AV professionals at all levels.

Since the introduction of our previous logo, every aspect of B-Tech’s operation and our position in the market has evolved, and whilst we recognise the enduring strength of our current brand, the new logo symbolises the modern, progressive version of B-Tech AV Mounts - a forward-thinking innovator in a highly technical industry.



The full version of the new B-Tech logo will be widely used in branding activities



Attributes of the new logomark reflect the qualities that are expected of B-Tech products: strength, quality, precision, simplicity, and reliability. Products carrying this mark - either the full version or just the “B” logomark alone - come with all the reassurances expected of a design manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience, who are holistically dedicated to professional AV mounting.



This version is reserved for uses at really small sizes or physically printed/engraved onto B-Tech products
The B logomark version is primarily used on B-Tech products or as a supplementary logo to the full version




The B logomark is formed of three components; upper and lower bowls and a vertical stem. Vertical lines placed in this stem give it an aesthetic that matches the aluminium profile of the quintessential B-Tech product range - our market leading “System X”. This is complimented by a three-colour palette featuring our recognisable “deep blue” colour and newly introduced accent colours of mid-blue and cyan.


Whilst our brand has evolved, our core values remain and the three-shape, three-colour design represents the three overarching pillars of these values: a commitment to designing and manufacturing the highest quality products, unrivalled technical assistance, and focused, dedicated sales support. These three colours blend harmoniously in the logo, symbolising these values working together equally and seamlessly.


As B-Tech AV Mounts continues to grow, our commitment to these values remains at the highest level and we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the B-Tech name and brand remains one of the first names that AV professionals think about when needing mounting systems.


The new B-Tech AV Mounts logo is launched with immediate effect. We kindly ask our partners to update your systems at your earliest convenience, for further information about the logo and its usage, please refer to our brand guidelines document. To access our new logo in various different file formats, please download our official logo pack.






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