B-Tech Announce New Distribution Partner for the US - Starin

25 Jan 24


We are pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with Indiana-based Starin, a Midwich Group company - who will distribute B-Tech products throughout the United States.

With 35 years in the industry, Starin are a market leading distribution company in the field of UC/VC solutions, who offer a two-pronged service to their partners; their pro-AV business provides value added distribution services such as design, finance and installation, whilst their business development acumen adds marketing development, channel management and demand generation for their associated brands.

Starin were acquired by Midwich in 2020, who were attracted by their strength in the UC market and their similarity in operating cultures. By partnering with us, they become the seventh Midwich Group company to distribute for B-Tech worldwide, following Sidev in France and Van Domburg Partners in the Netherlands, who both signed distribution agreements with us during 2023. Pre-existing agreements between B-Tech and Midwich include the Australian, APAC, Irish and UK markets, where our working relationship spans a 15-year period.

As Starin are at the forefront of UC, EDU and AV - distributing speciality technologies in these fields including LFD and dvLED displays, they will benefit from access to our extensive portfolio of 700+ AV mounting solutions and our clean and clear channel policy and service above all else approach - sentiments that are shared by Starin.

B-Tech launched our North American operation, B-Tech AV Mounts LLC, in 2019, after a period of sustained sales growth in the two years prior. Since then, demand for B-Tech mounting solutions has continued to grow. Working with Starin broadens our market access exponentially and will ensure that B-Tech products will be available to thousands of resellers and integrators who are looking for a best in field AV mounting solution. Furthermore, close collaboration and information sharing between sales teams will allow us to react quickly to changes in trends and develop new products in accordance with market demands.

Chris Bugan, our Operations Manager for North America commented, “Partnering with Starin will further B-Tech’s brand awareness throughout the USA and together we’ll be able to provide the highest level of support to the reseller network. Starin have an exceptional team supporting its resellers and the B-Tech sales team will provide extensive pre-sales support. We recommend the best solution for any given project and stay involved throughout to ensure a successful outcome for everyone involved.”

Tyler Brebberman, VP of Business Management at Starin commented, “B-Tech's world class mounting solutions offer the quality and flexibility customers expect from Starin. We're especially excited to be able to augment our dvLED products and provide the complete solution.”

Mark Walker, our Managing Director for B-Tech in the UK commented on the appeal of adding another Midwich Group company to B-Tech’s list of partners and the benefits it will bring to our global operations, “Having product specified as B-Tech in global tenders originating in North America ensures continuity of supply when these projects need fulfilling in other locations around the world. With B-Tech offices in UK, Europe, APAC and the US, global projects can be supplied on a local basis with linear pricing and support for a full worldwide rollout - something no other AV Mount brand can offer.”

For more information about Starin please visit www.starin.biz






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