B-Tech Booth is a Major Hit at ISE 2024

04 Feb 24



The start of the new year inevitably signals the start of the leading industry event in any AV Professional's calendar: Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). This year's edition witnessed a record-breaking turnout, with over 73,000 unique attendees through the doors of the Fira de Barcelona. For B-Tech AV Mounts, it marked our 18th consecutive participation and was undoubtedly our finest event to date.

The start of January saw us launch an exciting new brand for our company, and ISE provided the ideal opportunity to show this off to all of our industry peers. Adorned with our vibrant new logo and accentuated by lush greenery, our booth reflected not only our commitment to innovation but also our dedication to sustainability. Incorporating eco-friendly practices, partnerships, and packaging initiatives underscores our mission to minimise our environmental impact.

Located in Hall 3, our presence stood opposite our esteemed partners at Neomounts, offering a harmonious space for networking and collaboration. Each afternoon, we welcomed guests to our booths, treating them to the authentic flavours of Spanish Tapas and refreshing beverages at our Brews, Bites and Brackets event.

At the heart of our showcase were some of our latest products, many of which made their exclusive debut at ISE 2024. Among these was a groundbreaking addition to our dvLED system, the BT9240 which will allow us to shorten the fulfilment time of dvLED considerably, to only a matter of days, setting a new standard for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We invite you to explore our immersive gallery of photos and videos, offering a glimpse into the ingenuity and excellence that defined B-Tech AV Mounts at ISE 2024.



  Be sure to check out our show exclusive booth overview video:



Adding an element of interactive engagement, we introduced the 'Pro Striker' game - using integrated technologies to add a modern twist on traditional fairground entertainment, with enticing prizes up for grabs, such as F1 tickets, Amazon vouchers and some latest tech gadgets.



The 'Pro Striker' game featured a 1x4 portrait videowall displayed on Vestel 49" WU49B displays, controlled using a Datapath FX4 and mounted onto x4 BT8312 Moduar, Pop-Out Videowall Mounts. The game captivated audiences while showcasing the creative potential of B-Tech mounting solutions in unconventional installations.


Our exhibition booth, spanning 19 x 7 meters, underwent a comprehensive transformation with the unveiling of our revamped branding and aesthetic.
The 'Pro Striker' game featured a 1x4 portrait videowall displayed on Vestel 49" displays, controlled by a Datapath FX4 and mounted onto BT8312 videowall mounts.
Enticing prizes up for grabs included F1 tickets, Amazon vouchers and some latest tech gadgets.


The show gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate long standing relationships with key customers.


As always, our dvLED mounting solutions were a central part of our booth, demonstrating our wide range of mounting capabilities such as wall, pole, ceiling and floor-to-ceiling mounting, for both front and rear mounted cabinets. We also highlighted how our solutions can be used to mount both flat and curved walls as well as to angled ceilings.


Our dvLED mounting showcase demonstrates our wide range of solutions and their mounting capabilities, including mounting to angled ceilings.
In collaboration with our official eco-partner Absen, we presented our cutting-edge back-to-back dvLED solutions aimed at maximising viewer engagement in retail environments.
Our NEW  dvLED mounting solution; the BT9240 is a universal, stockable system that is also budget-conscious.
Convex and concave curved dvLED videowall installs are also possible - it was this system that picked up the InAVation Award in 2023.
B-Tech’s dvLED mounting system is the ideal solution for hassle free installations - shown here mounted into a corner.
B-Tech’s dvLED mounting system is the ideal solution for hassle free installations - shown here with an angled join from a straight to a curved wall.



Two other cornerstones of the B-Tech range over the past 12 months have been the BT7883 and BT7885 screen mounts with integrated slide out storage trays, which continue to receive a huge amount of interest from booth visitors. Alongside these, the newest additions to the range were also on show; the BT7888 and BT7889, which are standalone storage solutions that can be mounted alongside a separate mount, allowing users to add AV storage to any mounted display.

On display alongside our storage solutions, and at various locations throughout the booth, were a range of specialist adaptors for mounting video bars. These were installed onto a variety of B-Tech products, demonstrating the flexibility of our solutions to work interchangeably on any B-Tech wall mount or stand. On display were adaptors for the BOSE VB1 and, the Poly Studio, Logitech Rally Bar, as well as the Jabra Panacast, but be sure to check out our video bars page to see the full range.


Our retractable floor base which allows a close-to-window display to be retracted – this was a huge hit during its preview at ISE last year and is now available to order.
Our motorised BT8569 floor-to-wall mount alonside our new "easel style" trolley for easy and convenient use of touchscreens.



If you didn't make it to ISE and would like to see the full range of B-Tech AV Mounts, feel free to get in contact to visit us at one of our European showrooms in Daventry - UK@btechavmounts.com, Brussels - Europe@btechavmounts.com or Barcelona - Iberia@btechavmounts.com. You can also view our full 2024 catalogue online and download the PDF by clicking here



We're also excited to be exhibiting at a number of other shows around the world this year, so keep an eye on our LinkedIn page to keep up to date with our latest news. If you’re in the US, we especially look forward to inviting you to our infoComm booth in Las Vegas in June. 


B-Tech AV Mounts at ISE 2024
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