B-Tech Announce Partnership with Hikvision

29 Feb 24


B-Tech and Hikvision partner up to deliver Commercial Display Solutions.

B-Tech AV Mounts are delighted to announce our working partnership with Hikvision Commercial Displays. Building upon years of successful collaboration, this agreement signifies a momentous milestone as both companies merge their expertise to offer extensive support for a diverse range of commercial display installations, including cutting-edge dvLED technology.

Both manufacturers uphold rigorous standards and are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that enrich the integrator and end-user experiences. B-Tech and Hikvision are dedicated to a collaborative approach encompassing technical response, sales, and onsite support designed to streamline installations, ensuring optimal experiences and minimising onsite time requirements.

As part of the partnership, Hikvision will offer a B-Tech mounting solution tailored to the specifics of each display that they sell to their customers, giving them complete confidence that they are getting the ideal mount to support the display.

B-Tech boasts the industry's most comprehensive and adaptable dvLED mounting system with our award-winning System X range, offering complementing solutions for Hikvision's extensive product lineup to be configured, quoted, supplied, and installed at pace.

The partnership has already spurred the launch of a series of mounting solutions across the UK, with notable success in supporting Hikvision's LED product. Integrators have lauded the combination of HIK cabinets mounted on B-Tech's BT9340 system, describing the integration as "seamless as we've never experienced before."

Options for wall-mounting and freestanding, mobile and bolt-down stands are available off-the-shelf, whilst curved or more complex projects can be quickly configured, potentially in just a few hours, thanks to 2-way sharing of information between us and HIKvision's highly skilled technical teams.

Steven Ping, Director of AV for Hikvision commented, "At Hikvision, we are excited to embark on a transformative journey with B-Tech, uniting our strengths in AV and CCTV innovation. This strategic alliance is not just a leap forward in our shared history but a fusion of our commitment to redefine the standards of excellence. Together, we pledge to forge a path of unparalleled service and cutting-edge solutions for our clientele, solidifying our stance as pioneers in the professional AV arena."

Mark Walker, Managing Director (UK) at B-Tech, expressed his delight: "I am thrilled to announce Hikvision as our latest partner, solidifying our longstanding collaboration on technology over the years. What began in the security industry has evolved into a closer alliance within the AV world. Across various vertical channels, it's increasingly evident that B-Tech and Hikvision complement each other seamlessly. This synergy extends beyond product integration to encompass the entire pre-and post-sales experience. Working with their UK team has been a pleasure, as they share the same essential customer values that we uphold here at B-Tech."

For more information about Hikvision, please visit www.hikvision.com




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