Small Floor Base


For Ø60mm Poles


A modular based system which allows for a custom built flat screen display floor stand, this small floor base is designed to be used with B-Tech's Ø60mm poles. After picking a base, choose a suitable height pole and a screen interface kit depending on the type of installation. Bases can be used freestanding or be bolted to the floor.



  BT4000 Small Floor Base - Black
  • Floor base designed for use with B-Tech's Ø60mm poles (BT4005/BT4011/BT4015/BT4020)*
  • Can be used freestanding or bolted to the floor
  • Screen size and weight may be increased if floor base is bolted to the floor**
  • Supplied with optional rubber feet for use when freestanding
  • Heavy duty 6mm thick steel construction
  • Includes pole trim ring and pole end cap for a neat installation
  • Features a grab handle for easy handling
  • Poles, screen interface kit and accessories all sold separately

    *Base must be bolted to floor if using a BT4015 1.5m or BT4020 2m pole
    **Max weight is also dependent on which screen interface is used
  • Max load (freestanding): 15kg
  • Max load (bolted to the floor): 35kg
  • Dimensions W: 575mm D: 395mm H: 12mm*
  • No. of Ø60mm poles required: 1

    *Base Height including rubber feet:
BT4000 Small Floor Base - Black BT4000 Small Floor Base - Example Installation  

Specification Sheet (PDF)

Installation Guide (PDF)

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