False Ceiling Trim


For use with Ø38mm Poles


BT5935 False Ceiling Trims are designed to improve the look of ceiling mounted installations. Rings can be retro fitted on to existing System V Ø38mm poles using the split design and are ideal for making cosmetic improvements to suspended ceiling installations.



  • Escutcheon ring designed to improve the look of a ceiling mounted install
  • Use with System V BT5935 Ø38mm poles
  • Can be retro-fitted onto poles, using split design for easier installation
  • Ideal for when a pole passes through a suspended ceiling
  • Compatible pole diameter: Ø38mm
  • Colour: White
BT5953 - Attaches directly to BT5935 38mm diameter poles BT5953 - Improves the aesthetic of mounts that pass through a suspended ceiling BT5953 - Split design for retro fitting onto  existing installations BT5953 - Can be used with complete off-the-shelf-kits (image shows BT5960-FD100)

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet - English (PDF)


Installation Guide

Installation Guide (PDF)


Technical Drawings

Technical Drawing (PDF)

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