Swivel Adaptor



For Ø50mm Poles


The BT7852 allows a screen or AV equipment mounted at the bottom of a Ø50mm pole to be swivelled 360º. Used in conjunction with the System 2 range of ceiling mounts, the swivel adaptor connects two BT7850 poles together and is an ideal component for a flat screen ceiling mount where the display needs to be repositioned in various directions once mounted. The swivel action features a moderate resistance to prevent any unwanted movement and has cable management holes for a tidy install.



  • Designed for use with System 2 components such as BT7850 Ø50mm poles
  • Ideal component for pole mounting screens to the ceiling with the ability to swivel the bottom pole 360°
  • Also suitable for back-to-back and floor-to-ceiling installations
  • Integrated cable management
  • Heavy-duty steel capable of supporting substantial loads
  • Multiple grub screws allow micro-adjustment of the pole
  • Max load (Single sided screen): 70kg (154lbs) 
  • Max load (Back-to-back): 35kg (77lbs) per screen 
  • Swivel: 360°
  • Steel thickness: 4mm (0.1") 
  • Colour: Black

BT7852 BT7852 BT7852

Specification Sheets

Specification Sheets (PDF)

Specification Sheet - US (PDF)

Installation Guide

Installation Guide (PDF)

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