Mounting Plate for UC / VC Video Bars


Ideal for low-profile installations


The BT7871 is a versatile mounting plate that allows the user to fit a videobar / UC equipment (including Poly Studio X50, X52, Neat Bar, Bose Videobar, Jabra Panacast cameras and Lenovo ThinkSmart Bar 180) to a range of B-Tech products, such as Mode-AL stands and trolleys. BT7871 is also compatible with a range of B-Tech component products, such as Accessory Collars for pole-mounted solutions or a BT8390-SA Adjustable Arm to mount a videobar above or below any screen mounted on a System X Rail.



  BT7871 - Adaptor Plate
  • Designed to mount a video bar or UC equipment such as Poly Studio USB, or an X50/X52 (via a Poly Studio wall mount) onto B-Tech columns, System X rails or to a B-Tech accessory collar for pole mounting
  • Also suitable for mounting the following: Neat Bar, Neat Bar Pro, Bose
    Videobar VB1, Jabra Panacast 50 cameras and Lenovo ThnkSmart Bar 180
  • Compatible with BT7052 / BT7841 collars for use with Ø50mm poles (all sold separately)
  • Can also be used with BT8390-SA to mount above or below any screen mounted on a System X Rail
  • Ideal for low-profile installations
  • Simple installation
  • Steel thickness: 6mm (0.23")
  • Max load: 3kg (6.6lbs)*
  • Tool-less tilt adjustment: +25°**
  • Colour: Black

*2.54kg (5.6lbs) = Poly Studio X50 videobar / 0.4kg (0.9lbs) = Poly Studio X50 wall mount

** Tilt function is featured on the Poly Studio mount not the adaptor plate

BT7871 - Fits above or below a screen when used with BT8390-SA BT7871 - Used in conjunction with B-Tech Accessory Collars, the BT7871 can to be pole mounted BT7871 - Made from 6mm thick steel the adaptor plate is secure yet slim in design BT7871 - Mount to any Mode-AL column when fitted to a Mode-AL interface plate

Product Specification Sheets

Specification Sheet - English (PDF)

Spezifikationsblatt - Deutsch (PDF)


Installation Guide

Installation Guide (PDF)


Technical Drawings

Technical Drawing (PDF)

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