Bolt Down Floor Base With Level Adjustment


 Ideal for uneven surfaces


Designed to securely fix B-Tech's vertical columns, poles or rails to uneven floors, the BT8380-AFB uses a levelling plate with +/-13.5mm of adjustment available on each corner ensuring a level installation of the display stand. The Bolt Down Floor Base is suitable for use on floors with minor slopes or uneven surfaces and strong enough to support substantial loads of up to 150kg per column. With a minimal footprint, the BT8380-AFB is ideal for installations where floor space in limited, such as corporate locations, control rooms, retail shop fronts or for close to the wall displays.


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  BT8380-AFB - Fixed Floor Base With Level Adjustment
  • Level adjustment suitable for use on uneven surfaces or floors with minor slopes
  • Small footprint is ideal for retail and corporate applications
    where floor space is limited or for close to the wall installations
  • Heavy duty steel capable of supporting substantial loads
  • Can be used for large scale dvLED or videowall installations in straight or curved configurations - ideal for applications such as control rooms
  • Integrated cable management
  • Compatible with a variety of B-Tech columns (BT8380 /
    BT8381 / BT8385), poles (BT4116 / BT4118) and rails (BT8390)
  • TUV certified
  • Max load: 150kg (330lbs) (per base)*
  • Base dimensions: W: 183mm (7.2") D: 213mm (8.4") H: 45mm (1.8")
  • Adjustment: +/- 13.5mm in each corner
  • Bases supplied per pack: 1
  • Colour: Black

    * No more than 100kg should be mounted at a height above 1.2m (47.2") on BT8380 columns
    - see assembly leaflet for more info
BT8380-AFB - Level adjustment screws for adjusting  the base on an uneven surface BT8380-AFB - Can be used for single column installations in landscape or portrait format BT8380-AFB - Easy installation with directional arrows and simple level adjustment BT8380-AFB - Can be used for large scale straight or curved installations - ideal for control rooms

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet (PDF)

Spezifikationsblatt - Deutsch (PDF)


Installation Guide

Installation Guide (PDF)


Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing (PDF)

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