Retractable Floor Base


 Ideal for close to window installs


Designed to allow front access to installs that are fitted close to store windows. The Retractable Floor Base fits directly to a range of B-Tech Vertical Columns and Poles, enabling the display stand to be moved up to 400mm backwards. This allows access to the front of the cabinets for servicing and maintenance whilst the base remains securely fixed to the floor throughout.



  • Sliding floor base retracts a System X column/display stand backwards
  • Ideal for shop fronts, close-to-the-window installations
  • Fits directly to System X BT8380 Columns, BT8381 & Floor Stand Poles (BT4107, BT4116 & BT4118)
  • Lockable mechanism
  • Small internal storage area available, ideal for power supplies, extension cord etc.
  • Cable management
  • Handle included to aid with retraction
  • Maximum Retraction: 400mm
  • Dimensions: W: 262mm (10.3")  H: 88mm (3.5") D: 426-832mm (16.8-32.7")
  • Colour: Black

BT8380-RFB BT8380-RFB - Compatible with a range of B-Tech Columns & Poles BT8380-RFB BT8380-RFB

BT8380-RFB Retractable Floor Base at ISE 2023

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet (PDF)

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