Extra-Large Projector Ceiling Mount


With Micro-Adjustment


The BT899XL-FD is a fixed drop ceiling mount which has been designed to mount universal projectors up to 25kg. Available in a choice of 5 pole lengths from just 0.5m up to 3m, this fixed drop mount features an adjustable ceiling plate ideal for mounting to angled ceilings. The BT899XL-FD is designed with easy adjustment of tilt, roll and swivel, with optional micro-adjustment for short throw projectors.




BT899XL-FD Extra Large Projector Ceiling Mount with Micro-Adjustment


  • Integrated cable management for smart installation
  • Security locking screws and Allen key provided for a secure installation
  • Suitable for angled ceilings
  • Unique ‘Carousel’ mounting plate for universal compatibility
  • Suitable for projectors using M2.5, M3, M4, M5 and M6 fixings
  • Max load: 25kg (55lbs)
  • Tilt (pich): +/-13°
  • Roll: +/-6°
  • Yaw: 360°
  • Ceiling plate tilt: 90°
  • Maximum distance (between fixings: 493mm)
  • Pole length options:
    BT899XL-FD050: 0.50m (19.7") Pole
    BT899XL-FD100: 1m (37.4") Pole
    BT899XL-FD150: 1.5m (59") Pole
    BT899XL-FD200: 2m (78.7") Pole
    BT899XL-FD300: 3m (118.1") Pole
  • Colour options : Black, White or Chrome Pole
BT899XL-FD - Unique ‘carousel’ mounting plate for universal compatibility BT899XL-FD - Features easy tilt, roll and swivel functions BT899XL-FD - Micro-adjustment feature is ideal for short throw projectors BT899XL-FD - Available in Black, White or Chrome

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet (PDF)

Karta Specyfikacji - Polskie (PDF)

产品规格书 — 中文(PDF)


Installation Guide

Installation Guide (PDF)

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