Absenicon C Series Freestanding Direct View LED Videowall Stand


For Absenicon C Series

LED Panels


The BT9370-ABS-ICON-C is a freestanding solution suitable for Absenicon C Series Classic All-in-One Screens ranging from standard, slim and ultrawide panels*. As part of B-Tech's System X range of configurable dvLED mounting solutions, it is available to order as off-the-shelf solutions in a range of pre-configured sizes. The Absenicon C Series All-in-One screens mount securely to our solutions, and due to our extensive collection of stocked B-Tech components we can ensure orders are fulfilled within a short lead time.

*Product image is indicative of the BT9370-ABS-ICON-C138 solution



dvLED Videowall Mount


Configure dvLED
  • Pre-configured mounting kits are available for Absenicon C Series Classic All-in-One Screens including configurations for standard, slim and ultrawide panels
  • Assembled from off-the-shelf components for fast order fulfilment
  • Open frame allows panel access for easy servicing and maintenance
  • Easy-to-use adjustments for quick and easy alignment
  • Features adjustable levelling feet to accommodate uneven floor surfaces
  • Pre-assembly of major parts for quick and easy installation
  • Simple 'hook-on' installation
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Compatible cabinets: Absenicon C Series
                                   Classic All-in-One Screens
  • Panel fixing method: Rear mounted
  • Colour (Interface Arms): Black
  • Colour (Rails & Columns): Black or Silver
  • For indoor use only
  • Available Configurations:

    110" - BT9370-ABS-ICON-C110


    138" - BT9370-ABS-ICON-C138


    165" - BT9370-ABS-ICON-C165


    154" - BT9370-ABS-ICON-C154

    181" - BT9370-ABS-ICON-C181

    199" - BT9370-ABS-ICON-C199

    208" - BT9370-ABS-ICON-C208

    249" - BT9370-ABS-ICON-C249

    299" - BT9370-ABS-ICON-C299

Absen dvLED Videowall Mount Absen dvLED Videowall Mount

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet - English (PDF)

Specification Sheet - US (PDF)



B-Tech AV Mounts - Mounting Solutions for Absen LED

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