Leyard Bolt Down dvLED Videowall Stand


Bolt Down dvLED Videowall Stand


The Leyard Bolt Down dvLED Videowall Stand is a bolt down mounting solution designed specifically to mount Leyard's range of dvLED panels, in any required configuration. A high-end aesthetic, anodised aluminium finish and integrated cable management ensures a smart & stylish installation which is quick and simple to install.

*product image is indicative of a typical 4 x 4 solution, actual product may differ according to configuration requirement.




Bolt Down dvLED Videowall Stand


Configure dvLED
  • Designed and configured specifically for Leyard dvLED panels
  • Keyhole mounting plates allow for easy rear fixed mounting
  • Open frame allows panel access for servicing and maintenance
  • Small footprint for an unobtrusive installation into confined areas
  • Integrated cable management for tidy install
  • Freestanding, Mobile, Ceiling, Curved and Wall Mounted versions also available
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Cabinet fixing method: Front and Rear Mounted
  • Colour option (columns and horizontal rails): Black or Silver
  • For indoor use only
Leyard Bolt Down dvLED Videowall Stand Leyard Bolt Down dvLED Videowall Stand Leyard Bolt Down dvLED Videowall Stand  

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