Twin Pole Adaptor


For use with Twin Pole Floor Stands / Trolleys


The BT7862 Twin Pole Adapter is designed to securely mount AV accessories such as BT7880 Apple TV Mount centrally between 2 poles. Ideal for use with a range of B-Tech trolleys and stands. Suitable for both Ø50m and Ø60mm poles and compatible with single and double attachments collars.




  • Designed to mount AV accessories such as shelves centrally between 2 poles
  • Ideal for use with B-Tech Floor Stands and Trolleys
  • Compatible with single and double attachment collars (sold separately)
  • Compatible with Ø50mm (2") (BT7051), Ø60mm (2.3") collars (BT7060)
    and single attachment collars BT7260 and BT7052
  • Max load: 4kg (8.8lbs)

  • Colour: Black

  • Suitable for: Ø50mm (2") and Ø60mm (2.3") poles

BT7862 - Twin Pole Adaptor for Twin Pole Floor Stands    

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet (PDF)


Parts List

Parts List (PDF)

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