Pop-Out Videowall Mount


For Screens up to 70kg


Designed to make videowall installations as quick and simple as possible, this modular videowall mount can be used to create unlimited videowall configurations in both landscape and portrait format. The BT8310 features a pop-in, pop-out system which enables quick and easy access to the rear of mounted screens for servicing and maintenance and 8 point micro-adjustment, making accurate screen alignment quick and easy.





BT8310 Professional Video Wall Mount with Quick Lock Push System


  • Modular mount for unlimited wall display configurations
  • Suitable for landscape or portrait screen mounting
  • Push to open / push to close system provides quick and easy service access
  • Tool-less micro-adjustments at 8 points for seamless display alignment
  • Suitable for both wall or pole mounting
  • Integrated cable management
  • Screen specific wall plate spacers (available separately) dramatically shorten install times by eliminating guesswork and on-site calculations
  • Perfect solution for mounting screens into a recessed wall
  • Locking kit (BT8310-LK) to prevent accidental pop-out of mount is also available (separately)
  • Safety screws help prevent unauthorised removal of screens
  • Includes Interface Adaptor Arms as standard (pictured below) for use with screens
    with VESA 600 x 400 fixings
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Recommended screen size: 42" - 70"
  • Max load: 70kg
  • VESA® compatibility (as standard): 200 x 100 to 400 x 400
  • VESA® compatibility (with included adaptors): up to 600 x 400*
  • Depth flat: 101mm* (+/-7mm with micro-adjustment)
  • Depth popped out: 293mm* (+/-7mm with micro-adjustment)
  • Screen height adjustment: +15mm

    *Please note using the included Interface Adaptor Arms to mount VESA 600 x 400 screens will increase the total depth of the product by 6mm, for a total depth of 107mm, or 299mm whilst popped out (+/-7mm micro-adjustment).
BT8310 Professional Video Wall Mount with Quick Lock Push System - Extended Push to open / push to close system provides quick and easy service access Tool-less micro-adjustment at 8  points for seamless display alignment Optional BT7564 Interface Adaptors for VESA 600 x 400 fixings included as standard

Product Overview Video

Videowall Installation

Recess Mount Your Screen

VESA Adaptors and Spacers for BT8310
BrandModelScreen SizeSpacer Available
LG42WS50B*42" (961 x 555mm)BT8310-SP422/N*
BDL425242" (966 x 559mm)BT8310-SP423/N*
SAMSUNGUD46D46" (1022 x 577mm)BT8310-SP461/N
BARCOEVD-462146" (1024 x 578mm)BT8310-SP461/N
BARCONSL-462146" (1024 x 578mm)BT8310-SP461/N
CHRISTIEFHD461-X46" (1024 x 578mm)BT8310-SP461/N
SAMSUNGUD46C46" (1024 x 578mm)BT8310-SP461/N
NECX461UN46" (1026 x 580mm)BT8310-SP461/N
NECX462UN46" (1026 x 580mm)BT8310-SP461/N
NECX463UN46" (1026 x 580mm)BT8310-SP461/N
NECX464UN46" (1024 x 579mm)BT8310-SP461/N
NECX464UN-246" (1026 x 580mm)BT8310-SP461/N
ORION46RNCS46" (1026 x 580mm)BT8310-SP461/N
HANTAREX46-UNB46" (1026 x 580mm)BT8310-SP461/N
PHILIPSBDL467746" (1024 x 579mm)BT8310-SP461/N
PHILIPSBDL4675XU46" (1026 x 578mm)BT8310-SP461/N
PHILIPSBDL4681XU46" (1026 x 578mm)BT8310-SP461/N
SAMSUNG460UT-246" (1026 x 578mm)BT8310-SP461/N
SAMSUNGUD46A46" (1024 x 578mm)BT8310-SP461/N
SAMSUNGUD46C46" (1024 x 578mm)BT8310-SP461/N
SAMSUNGUE46A46" (1030 x 585mm)BT8310-SP462/N
SAMSUNGUE46C46" (1030 x 585mm)BT8310-SP462/N
SAMSUNGME46B46" (1056 x 612mm)BT8310-SP463/N
SAMSUNGUE46D46" (1031 X 585mm)BT8310-SP462/N 
NECX464UNS-246" (1022 x 576mm)BT8310-SP464/N
LG4720C47" (1080 x 625mm)BT8310-SP472/N
LG49VL5B49" (1077 x 607mm)BT8310-SP491/N
LG55WV7055" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
LG55LV35A-5B55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
LG55LV75A55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
LG55LV77A55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
LG55VH7B55" (1211 x 682mm)BT8310-SP554/N
LG47WV5047" (1045 x 590mm)BT8310-SP471/N
LG47LV35A-5B47" (1047 x 592mm)BT8310-SP471/N
BARCOMVD-552155" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
BARCONSL-552155" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
CHRISTIEFHD551-X55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
PANASONICTH-55LFV5W55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
PANASONICTH-47LFV5W47" (1047 x 592mm)BT8310-SP471/N
PHILIPSBDL4988XL49" (1077 X 607mm)BT8310-SP491/N
PHILIPSBDL5585XL55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
PHILIPSBDL558655" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
NECX551UN55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
NECX554UN55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
ORION55RNCS55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
SAMSUNGUD55A55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
SAMSUNGUD55C55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
SAMSUNGUD55D55" (1215 x 686mm)BT8310-SP551/N
SAMSUNGUE55A55" (1222 x 693mm)BT8310-SP552/N
SAMSUNGUE55C55" (1222 x 693mm)BT8310-SP552/N
SAMSUNGUE55D55" (1222 x 693mm)BT8310-SP552/N
MITSUBISHIMDT552S55" (1248 x 719mm)BT8310-SP553/N
SHARPPN-V60060" (1336 x 755mm)BT8310-SP601/N
SHARPPN-V60160" (1336 x 755mm)BT8310-SP601/N
SHARPPN-V60260" (1336 x 755mm)BT8310-SP601/N

*This screen and spacer is not suitable for portrait mounting

Assembly Leaflet

Installation Guide (PDF)


Specification Sheets

Specification Sheet - English (PDF)

Product Specification Sheet - Spanish (PDF)

Product Specification Sheet - German (PDF)

Product Specification Sheet - Polish (PDF)

Product Specification Sheet - American (Imperial) (PDF)

Product Specification Sheet - Russian (PDF)

Product Specification Sheet - Chinese (PDF)

Product Specification Sheet - Korean (PDF)


Technical Drawings

Technical Drawing (PDF)

Technical Drawing (DXF)

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