With the current selection 10 products are available


Camera Shelf with Tilt

Designed to mount a conference camera to the top of a flat screen


Mounting Plate for Biamp Parlé Video Bars

Designed to mount a Biamp Parlé VBC/ABC/SBC or Lenovo ThinkSmart One onto a range B-Tech products. 


Mounting Plate for UC / VC Video Bars

Designed for use with UC and VC Video Bars


Mounting Plate for Logitech Rally Bars

Designed for use with Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini Videobars


Mounting Plate for Dual Logitech Rally Plus Speakers

Designed to mount dual Logitech Rally Plus speakers to a range of B-Tech products.


Mounting Plate for Logitech MeetUp, Poly Studio X30 & Yealink UVC40 / A20 / MeetingEye 400

Designed for use with a Yealink UVC40, A20, MeetingEye 400, Poly Studio X30 or a Logitech MeetUp video conferencing camera


Mounting Plate for Lenovo Google Series One Room Kits

Designed for use with Lenovo Google Series One Medium or Large Room Kits


Mounting Plate for Bose Videobar VB1, Neat.Bar / Neat.Bar Pro, Yealink MSpeaker II & Logitech Rally Plus

Designed to mount Bose Videobar VB1 / VBS, Neat.Bar, Neat.Bar Pro, Yealink MSpeaker II and Logitech Rally Plus Speakers


Mounting Plate for Yealink A30 / MeetingEye 600 & VC Cameras

Designed for use with a Yealink A30 and MeetingEye 600 and video conferencing cameras


Small AV Accessory Shelf - 235 x 120mm

Designed to mount video conferencing cameras to a single pole, column or adaptor arm