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50YEARS EST.1972 As B-Tech enters its 50th year, we now have more solutions than ever for audio visual equipment as well as a continuous program of updating and improving existing products WELCOME TO THE B-TECH CATALOG 2

The year 2022 is a significant milestone in B-Tech's history as it marks our 50th Anniversary At B-Tech it is not often that we get time to reflect on the past. However, given that it is our 50th birthday this year, I thought it would be nice to try and put together a 'Brief History of B-Tech' to give our team an idea of B-Tech's heritage and what has been achieved during the past 50 years. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and it was suggested that we should share this wider. I am pleased to say that you will find this history included in this catalog (pages 6 to 17), and I hope you can take the time to read this. During this reflection, it became clear how much has happened and how far the company has evolved, especially over the past 20 years. What I have known, and is clear from our 'Brief History…' is that none of B-Tech's success would have been possible without such a great team. It is not possible to list everyone here but I am extremely grateful to everyone who has played a part in B-Tech's evolution over the past 50 years. I cannot avoid mentioning the challenges that everyone has faced over the past two years with the impact of Coronavirus. The toll has been incredible, and it has brought a new way of looking at life; a new way of living life to so many of us throughout the world. We have done the best we can to adapt to this new world and again I thank the B-Tech team for their efforts and sacrifices to keep the Company operating during the challenging circumstances. Over the past year, we have expanded our operations in North America, with an awesome new operational facility in California and have appointed multiple rep groups covering the US market. In the APAC region our presence in Korea, China andVietnam has grown despite these countries being hard-hit by the restrictions related to Covid. Our European HQ in Brussels has undergone extensive upgrades to the office space, showroom, meeting facilities, a new training center and increased warehousing space – it is now triple the size of premises that we had two years ago. In the UK, we have invested in a fully-functional workshop onsite that furthers the possibilities with our Bespoke Mount Fabrication (BMF) division, allowing the design team to produce and test prototypes, produce oneoff bespoke solutions as well as short-run productions to cater for the increasing demand for our dvLED mounting solutions. In addition to these operational improvements, our Design Department has been busier than ever embracing the Shokunin spirit. Over the past 12 months, we have launched many significant products, including an updated version of the BT8312 (page 56), which combines the best features of the BT8310 and BT8312, our new BT4000 range of floor bases and stands (pages 93 & 198), more specialist mounting solutions in the System X range, various AV media storage units, dedicated video bar and UC equipment, as well as a new motorised flat screen stand/cart. The demand for dvLED mounting solutions has been incredible, leading to some spectacular installations, such as the outdoor LED banner and signage at Wembley Stadium in London. Furthermore, we have also launched a newly expanded range of mounting solutions designed specifically for the surveillance market (page 206). As is often said, one must “Innovate or Die” so it is great to see a plethora of new products featured in this 50th Anniversary Catalog. As B-Tech starts our second half-century, the future is bright as we have an exciting new generation to lead us into the next chapter. I hope you ready for the next episode… WELCOME TO THE B-TECH CATALOG Matt Bennett Chairman & CEO B-Tech International Group The future is bright at B-Tech as we have an exciting new generation coming through the ranks to lead us into the next chapter WELCOME TO THE B-TECH CATALOG 3

50th Anniversary take a voyage into the 50 year history of B-Tech PG.115 PG.60 PG.90 CATALOG HIGHLIGHTS PG.56 PG.6 PG.178 NEW FOR 2022 PG.198 New dvLED mounts including curved displays New full motion flat screen wall mounts New screen mounts with pulldown/slide-out AV storage trays New motorised height adjustable cart and stand Updated and Improved design for floor stands & components Updated and improved full service videowall mounts PG.137 Product pages feature easy to use, quick reference icons which highlight the key technical information for every product. Below is an explanation of the different icons used throughout the B-Tech catalog. PRODUCT INFORMATION KEYS Compatible with B-Tech Accessory Collars Compatible with System X Post Installation Lateral Shift Max VESA® Size Recommended Max Screen Size Height Adjustment GUIDE ONLY - LARGER SCREENS MAY FIT MOUNT IF WITHIN THE WEIGHT LIMIT USE COLLARS TO A MOUNT TO Ø2"POLES REFERS TO THE FIXING PATTERN ON THE REAR OF THE SCREEN THE SCREEN CAN BE LATERAL ADJUSTED AFTER BEING MOUNTED SYSTEM X IS A PREMIUM RANGE OF COMPONENTS WHICH FIT TO COLUMNS & RAILS EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Weight Limit Tilt Range Swivel Range Rotation Yaw Range Roll Range MicroAdjustment Configure as Required Motorised ANTI BACTERIAL POWDER COATING Antibacterial Powder Coating USED ON B-TECH'S MEDICAL MOUNTS New System X adjustable components WWW.BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM AMERICAS@BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM 4 CATALOG H I GHL I GHTS

CONTENTS PG. 2 Welcome to the B-Tech Catalog 3 Catalog Highlights 4 Contents 5 A Brief History of B-Tech - Celebrating 50 Years 6-17 B-Tech Facilities Worldwide 18-19 Why Choose B-Tech? 20 Industry Awards & Exhibitions 21 Markets & Installations 22-23 Design Ethos - Better by Design 24 Design & Manufacturing - Custom Solutions 25 Connect with B-Tech Online 26-27 Product Categories: Complete Solutions & Component Systems 28 B-Tech Component Ranges 29 ABOUT B-TECH AV MOUNTS pg.2 Small Flat Screen Wall Mounts 128-129 Medium Sized Flat Screen Wall Mounts 130-133 Large Flat Screen Wall Mounts 134-135 FLAT SCREENWALL MOUNTS pg.126 Small / Medium Sized Flat Screen Ceiling Mounts 146 Large / Extra-Large Flat Screen Ceiling Mounts 147-149 FLAT SCREEN CEILING MOUNTS pg.144 Flat Screen Desk Mounts 151 Premium Flat Screen Desk Mounts 152-153 Full Motion Flat Screen Desk Mounts 154-155 FLAT SCREEN DESK MOUNTS Heavy Duty Projector Ceiling Mounts 157 Projector Ceiling Mounts 158-159 PROJECTOR MOUNTS pg.156 FLAT SCREEN DESK MOUNTS Speaker Wall Mounts 162 Speaker Stands 163 SPEAK R MOUNTS FORWALL & FLOOR pg.160 COMPONENT RANGES Wall / Floor Mounting Guide: System X 168-169 Pole Mounting Guide: System X with System 2 170-171 Mounting Rails & Support Columns 172-173 Interface Arms & Accessories 174-176 Rail Mounting Brackets & Accessories 177-179 Floor Bases & Accessories 180-181 SYSTEM X COMPONENTS Mounting Guide: System 2 184-185 System 2 Quick-Start Guides for Common Requirements 186-189 Ø2" Poles & Ceiling Mounts 190-191 Ceiling & Wall Mounts 192 Ceiling & Column Mounts 193 Fixing Kits & Pole Joiners 194 Accessory Collars 195 Interfaces for Screens, CCTV & Projectors 196-197 SYSTEM 2 COMPONENTS pg.182 Mounting Guide: Custom Flat Screen Floor Stands 200-201 Floor Stand Bases 202-203 Poles Columns & Accessories 204-205 FLOOR STAND COMPONENTS pg.198 Menu Board Mounting Systems 42-43 MENU BOARD MOUNTING SYSTEMS pg.40 Universal dvLED Mounting Solutions 62-69 LG All-In-One dvLED Mounting Solution 70 DVLED MOUNTING SOLUTIONS pg.60 Specialist Mounts for Digital Signage 74-77 SPECIALISTMOUNTS FORDIGITAL SIGNAGE pg.72 Designer Flat Screen Carts 86-88 Flat Screen Carts & Stands 89-91 Flat Screen Floor Stands 92-93 Premium Flat Screen Floor Stands 94-96 Cantabria AV Furniture 97 FLOOR STANDS & MOBILE SOLUTIONS pg.84 Video Conferencing Carts, Floor Stands & Wall Mounts 100-103 Mode-AL UC Displays, Floor Stands & Carts 104-109 Mode-AL Video Conferencing Displays 110-111 Mounting Guide: Mode-AL 112-113 Media Storage, VC Equipment Mounts and Accessory Shelves 114-121 Broadcast Media & Control Rooms 122-125 UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS & VIDEO CONFERENCING pg.98 pg.30-163 Quick Ref. Guide: Multi-screen & Digital Signage Mounts 32-23 Quick Ref. Guide: Kiosks / Carts / Floor Stands 34-35 Quick Ref. Guide: Flat Screen Wall Mounts 36-37 Quick Ref. Guide: Additional Mounting Solutions 38-39 COMPLETE MOUNTING SOLUTIONS Videowall Mounting Systems 46-55 Full Service Videowall Mounts 56-59 VIDEOWALL MOUNTING SYSTEMS pg.44 DIGITAL SIGNAGE KIOSKS & SCREEN ENCLOSURES pg.78 Digital Signage Kiosks & Screen Enclosures 80-83 Extra-Large Flat Screen Wall Mounts 136-140 Interface Adapters 141 Specialist Mounts 142-143 pg.164-215 pg.166 Index Page 206-207 INDEX pg.206 pg.151 5 B-TECH AV MOUNTS CONTENTS

A BR I EF H I STORY OF B-TE Today, B-Tech is an award-winning AV Mounting Solutions industry innovator with a truly global presence. However, it all started from very humble beginnings in 1972, 50 years ago. My father, Martin Bennett, is a true entrepreneur. Having set up initially as a 'man with a van' in South London, focused on door-to-door selling of AV components, he later evolved the business into an original design manufacturer of audio and video accessories. These ranged from sourcing control switches tomounting brackets for televisions, projectors and loudspeakers. And all of this was without a formal engineering background. I joined B-Tech in 1998, and following my father's retirement a decade later, I have tried to carry on his good work in spreading the B-Tech name and its products. If you can spare a few minutes, I would like to give you a brief history of B-Tech so you can see how far a man with a van can go in 50 years… A BRIEF HISTORY OF B-TECH Matt Bennett Chairman & CEO B-Tech International Group CELEBRATING 50 YEARS 1980s Starts supplying & distributing Audio & Video cables Relocates to premises with small warehouse facilities in West Croydon Begins using B-Tech as a brand name Launch of BT1 Tilt & Swivel Speaker Mount Trading name changed to Supreme Audio Services (SAS) Acquisition of Lennard Developments Supreme Audio Services becomes B-Tech Ltd. Sales start to increase in Europe and North America B-Tech Ltd. becomes B-Tech International Ltd. New European distributors appointed New larger office & warehouse opens in New Addington, Croydon Increased exposure at international exhibitions 1990s Launch of BT16 16" CRT TV Mount Launch of BT77 Side Clamping Speaker Mount Launch of BT26 Pre-Amp Launch of BT21 Scart Control 1972 M.P.B AUDIO LTD Established FOUNDER MARTIN BENNETT - 1972 WWW.BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM AMERICAS@BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM 6 A BR I EF H I STORY OF B-TECH

'81 Registration of Supreme Audio Solutions '72 '72 M.P.B AUDIO LTD Certification of Incorpation M.P.B AUDIO LTD based in South London starts suppling audio cables to local wholesalers The 5 pin DIN Plug and Cable was one of the first products sold & distributed by Martin Bennett's new company '79 BT1 was the first mount developed for B-Tech, in 1979; the tilt & swivel feature on a speaker mount was the first of its kind and was still selling over 40 years later MPB AUDIO LTD At the age of 18, in 1966, my father drove from his native Lancashire to London in an Isetta bubble car. He found a home in Thornton Heath near Croydon in the south of the capital and had several jobs before joining Radio Spares (RS Components) as an area sales manager. Soon after, he decided that instead of selling another company's products, going solo as his own boss would be a much more fruitful way to make a living. It was from this epiphany that... Using his £500 savings, Martin rented a small unit and bought a van. He visited electrical component retailers around South London, reselling audio leads and connectors that he purchased from wholesalers. Over time, his reputation and business volume grew, and the wholesalers started approaching him to be supplied themselves. This was the first step up the AV food chain and the second step quickly followed. Thanks to the large Philips factory in Croydon, there was a plentiful supply of homeworkers who were experienced in soldering. So rather than just reselling cables, he hired a local workforce to assemble the cables and plugs, with a particular focus on the 5 pin DIN plug and cable, which were then packaged and sold. My mother, grandparents, and I would spend our weekends with our own mini-assembly line as and when needed! By the late 1970s, Martin had taken the next big step in the Company’s evolution and started importing cables and plugs directly from Taiwan. It was from this point that key relationships with partners in Taiwan began; relationships that would later play a big role in B-Tech’s development. The improved pricing gained from buying in bulk from the Far East allowed Supreme Audio Services to expand the range and supply wholesalers. DESIGN ENGINEERING What comes next could be considered one of the most pivotal moves in B-Tech’s history. In the 1970s, the AV market was developing quickly. On the audio side, there was a growing market for home hi-fi systems with the emergence of component stereo systems. Prior to this, all-in-one set-ups were the norm, and only real audiophiles had separate components to get high-end performance. However, the 1970s saw this become more mass-market as people put together systems that included amplifiers, turntables, radios, cassette players (CDs came a bit later!) and speakers. To cater for the growing demand for optimised loudspeaker acoustics, the revolutionary BT1 ‘Tilt & Swivel’ Speaker Mount was launched in 1979. Designed by Tom Tucker, this was manufactured in the UK, with the original metal design later being changed to glass-reinforced nylon. The success of this speaker mount led to my father designing additional speaker mounts and then floor stands. '79 On 31st May 1972, MPB Audio Services Ltd was foundedand thiswas thegenesisof the company that would become the B-Tech International Group. Launch of BT1 Tilt & Swivel Speaker Mount '81 B-Tech's office in the mid-80s, located at Maple Terrace in Penge, London Supreme Audio Services was the second company name before changing to B-Tech in 1985 The Isetta Bubble that got B-Tech on the road! 2022 B-Tech acquires Bib B-Tech acquires Mode-AL B-Tech AV Mounts re-opens in the USA B-Tech expands into the professional AV market with a modular pole system for large CRT mounts B-Tech starts to distribute Flat Screen Mounts Launch of System 2 component range Launch of Ventry consumer range First Pop-Out Videowall Mount is launched Launch of System X component range dvLED solutions begin development B-Tech opens 1st overseas office in Hong Kong UK office relocates from Croydon to Northamptonshire Opening of first European office in Belgium B-Tech ownership changes hands with an MBO B-Tech wins AV Manufacturer of the Year award B-Tech open offices in China & Vietnam More global offices open in Spain, Germany & UAE 2000s 2010s 7 B-TECH AV MOUNTS A BR I EF H I STORY OF B-TECH

'89 '89 SAS becomes B-Tech Limited The BT26 Phono Pre-Amp sales increase in Europe New offices & warehouse opens in New Addington MPB Audio (Supreme Audio Services) changes name to B-Tech Limited '82 Launch of first video control switch BT21 Scart Control '85 Starts participating at the Olympia Live shows in London, increasing consumer exposure '86 BT16 was B-Tech's first TV mount designed for use with for 16" CRT Televisions. Later a range of 'Viewlogic' mounts was introduced to cater for larger TVs B-Tech exhibition booth and offices in the early 90s. Finding ways to relax at the weekend Martin stock car racing in his B-Tech sponsored Ford Escort Supreme Audio Service acquired Lennard Developments Ltd., Expanding the company customer base '85 At around the same time, visual devices such as camcorders and video players were entering the market. Televisions typically only had one auxiliary input which created an inconvenience when users wanted to use more than one device with their TV. My father’s solution was to design a switchbox that connected the multiple auxiliary inputs to the television, this would save the hassle of repeatedly plugging and unplugging pieces of equipment, by allowing the input to be changed with the flick of a switch. It also minimised potential damage to the plugs. With a hunger to develop additional original products, Martin visited Taiwan for the first time in 1981 to meet his supply partners. During this visit, he designed and developed the BT21 Scart Switchbox. This was quickly followed by further Scart controls such as the BT22, and then RCA/Cinch controls for non-Scart TVs. Switches and input controls for loudspeakers were also developed, including the BT12 TwoWay Speaker Control, and the BT13 for four speakers. These products would go on to become the ‘industry standard’ with many replicas being made and sold widely. The brand name given to the products he had designed was abbreviated from Bennett Technologies and became the first application of the name used in our brand today... B-Tech. As the Company moved through the 1980s it continued to expand. A key development was the acquisition of Lennard Developments in 1985. Lennard Developments was a specialist audio accessories distributor, based in Enfield, Middlesex. This acquisition allowed Martin to expand the number of products, which included a comprehensive range of record styli, cartridges, turntable belts and attachments. Among them was the Bib range of hi-fi accessories, including video headcleaner cassettes and the industry famous ‘Groov-Kleen’ record cleaner. Unbeknownst at the time, Bib would later feature heavily in the B-Tech story. B-TECH LIMITED Whilst expanding the Company operations, Martin continued his passion for designing products. After the success of the speaker brackets, he decided to venture into designing mounts for televisions, and developed the company’s first wall mount for old-style 16" CRT TVs (BT16). It was the era when households began owning a second television for use in a different room, such as the bedroom or kitchen. With limited space or shelving, the option of mounting a television on a specialist wall mount out of the way gained appeal. This development, which was quickly followed by mounts for 18", 21" and for what was then very big, 25" televisions, would prove to be a fundamental step in the history of B-Tech. From being a generic audio-visual accessories distributor, B-Tech now also had a portfolio of original designed products, for a range of different equipment. To reflect the increased market awareness of the B-Tech brand, it was decided to change the Company name. The growing market presence created interest from established, big-name brands, who wanted to take B-Tech products on an Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) private label basis. Aside from licensing some of the audio video controls to be sold in this way to companies such as Hama and Bandridge, B-Tech also reached agreements with several speaker brands to supply them on an OEM basis, including Tannoy, Panasonic and Target Hi-Fi. The collaboration with Target Hi-Fi in the 1980s led to our first foray into the North American market, with the BT1 being rebranded under the Target name and distributed by May Audio. B-Tech continued to explore any opportunities for market expansion no matter where in the world they came. Our first partner was Derek Flett, of Sherlane Agencies in Ireland, and it was not long before partners were added from Germany and Norway. In Germany’s case, it was a family hi-fi accessory business run by Thomas Barz and his father Gunther Barz, called Barz Electronic Berlin (BEB). BEB had a comprehensive range of hi-fi accessories, especially for vinyl, and Thomas had been interested in B-Tech’s latest design - the BT26 Phono Pre-Amp. THE ORIGINAL B-TECH LOGO! In 1989 MPB Audio Ltd (trading as Supreme Audio Services) became B-Tech Limited. '89 1985 saw Record Styli & Cartridges added to the B-Tech / SAS Range WWW.BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM AMERICAS@BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM 8 A BR I EF H I STORY OF B-TECH

'97 '95 '99 Bib Hi-Fi Accessories Ltd. Acquired '98 International exhibition debuts Continual growth meant relocating to larger facilities in New Addington By 1995 B-Tech had a full range of TV mounts '94 The award winning BT77 Side- Clamping Speaker Mounts starts getting more recognition In the years to come, over 100,000 units of the BT26 were to be sold by the Barz family. At a similar time, we received interest fromNorway, but in this case it originated from our speaker mounts. The company was Interconnect and was operated by Ole Apold and Halfdan Klingenberg. Interconnect was the Norwegian distributor for Target Hi-Fi. Having noted that B-Tech was the designer and manufacturer of the Target speaker mount, Interconnect asked if it could handle distribution of the B-Tech range in Norway. Some 30 years later, it gives me great pride to be able to say that we are still working with Derek Flett, Thomas Barz and his family and with Halfdan Klingenberg under his new company, Solvo-Tech following the retirement of Ole Apold. B-TECH INTERNATIONAL LTD Although my father had taken part in the Harrogate Hi-Fi Show in the UK throughout the 70s and 80s (where he had met Derek Flett), in the following years B-Tech took part in an increasing number of international trade shows including CES in the US, IFA in Berlin, the International Hardware Show in Cologne and the Live shows at Olympia, London. This international presence combined with the growing demand for B-Tech products, allowed new distribution partners to be picked up in Portugal, Denmark and Italy, to add to those already found in Ireland, Norway and Germany. During the late 90s, through fate more than intention, I joined B-Tech in what was intended to be a temporary position whilst I tried to find corporate work in London. I had aspirations to work at an accountancy or law firm but in the meantime, my father offered warehouse work to me, selling the idea that it would come with the added bonus of improving my fitness for rugby! B-Tech was now located in New Addington, on the outskirts of Croydon, and this work gaveme the basic income that I needed to rent a flat in Croydon and search for work in the city. At the beginning of 1998 I started work, picking and packing shipments and unloading containers. After six months of searching for another job without progress, I discussed with my father what options might be available to me. We agreed that I would extend my time with B-Tech and expand my skill set (to make me more employable elsewhere) by spending time in each department. Although I spent the majority of my time in the warehouse, my father had me trained in the accounts, sales administration and product development side of the business whilst Terry Rickards and Tom Tucker taught me about selling. I dived straight into the deep end on the sales front and it would ultimately lead me to where I am today. After exhibiting at the Hardware Show in Cologne, we had secured a new distribution partner in Poland. I had always enjoyed travelling and going on adventures, so I felt this would be the perfect chance to combine work with my own personal passions. Before I knew it, I had arrived and was whisked from the airport by an off-the-meter taxi to a remote, snow-covered industrial area next to an ageing power station, armed only with a suitcase full of bracket samples. To say that trip was an eyeopener is an understatement in so many ways. Certainly it was a success, leading to many years of cooperation, but more importantly, it had opened my mind to what sort of career I could shape for myself at B-Tech. 19 Throughout the '90s, B-Tech's product range vastly expanded with new products such as AV Controls, Speaker Brackets and TV Mounts In November 1998, they requested a meeting with B-Tech at their headquarters in Warsaw. Unfortunately, no one at B-Tech could attend, so I grabbed the opportunity and volunteered myself to go. In 1996, the Company namewas updated to reflect our greater global reach and we became B-Tech International Ltd. 19 Matt Bennett with B-Tech's 1st international distributors Derek Flett from Sherlane Agencies & Halfdan Klingenberg from Interconnect, being presented with the inaugural, one time only 'Bracket of the Year' Award 9 B-TECH AV MOUNTS A BR I EF H I STORY OF B-TECH

BIB ACCESSORIES FOUNDED IN 1964 WAS AN INDUSTRY STANDARD FOR AV ACCESSORIES Bib Accessories, founded in 1964, was the industry standard for AV accessories, B-Tech acquired the brand in late 1999 Martin & Matt Bennett welcome Jack & Norman Yeager from Rocelco to the UK showroom Bib was awaded The Queen's Award for Export Achievement in 1976 B-Tech exhibiting in the '90s A rare photo of Martin Bennett and Tom Tucker not wearing sandals '99 Rocelco promoting B-Tech at CES, Las Vegas In agreement with the rest of the Company, I started developing the international side of the business. With the initial focus on Europe, I set-up distribution agreements in many more countries including Greece, Spain, Sweden and France as well as developing existing relationships. All of this allowed me to gain more experience and knowledge of these countries and their cultures. Whilst our business was growing across Europe, in the UK another key development in B-Tech's history took place, involving the previously mentioned, well known British company called Bib Hi-Fi Accessories. Formed in 1964 and awarded the Queen's Enterprise Certificate for Export in 1976, Bib was recognised globally for designing and developing an innovative range of audio video accessories such as VHS headcleaner cassettes, tape-splicing kits and their ‘Groov-Kleen’ record cleaner. When an opportunity to acquire Bib arose at the end of 1999, my father quickly reached an agreement with the owner Brian Arbib and a deal was sealed with a handshake. John Embley, who had worked for Bib for over 25 years, would later join B-Tech and play a key role in our development over the 15 years that followed. The Bib range of products complemented that of B-Tech’s, covering everything an audiophile could want in record care and maintenance. An additional advantage was that it opened the existing Bib network of customers and distributors to B-Tech’s range of mounts and controls. Aside from UK retailers such as WHSmith and Woolworths, Bib also had a number of key international partners. The most pivotal of these was Rocelco Inc, a family company run by Norman Yeager and his son Jack Yeager from Toronto, Canada. The developing relationship with Rocelco proved to be pivotal in B-Tech's next leap forward. Rocelco had similar traits to that of B-Tech, not least that we were both familyowned and run. Involved in the hi-fi industry since the early 1960s, Rocelco was very much an anglophile company, representing a number of British brands in North America and in particular loudspeaker designer Celestion. Rocelco recognised the potential that B-Tech mounts could have in the Canadian retail market, and it was agreed that it would become B-Tech’s distributor for Canada. Working closely with Jack Yeager, we were able to meet many of the demands that the Canadian AV market had. This included producing bilingual packaging for our products which allowed them to be sold throughout Canada, including in the French-speaking Quebec area. This focus on service helped Rocelco get B-Tech products their first big break into mass retail, with multiple product lines – or skus - being listed by retailers such as Future Shop (later bought by Best Buy) and Leon’s Furniture. It was always a pleasure to visit the Yeagers in Canada, I always enjoyed the company of Norman and the stories that he told, and I learned so much going to visit customers with Jack. B-TECH PROFESSIONAL Despite our growing success in mass market retail products, my father was keen to diversify our product range and target markets. He did not want B-Tech to be over-reliant on the merciless retail industry. Although retail offered some great volume opportunities, the low margins that result from the “race to the bottom” on pricing meant that it came with significant risk. As my father was always saying: “Volume is vanity, profit is sanity”. With this in mind, he began designing a number of mounting solutions aimed at the professional AV install market. An expansion of our television bracket range included mounts for larger TVs that would typically be used in public areas (BT710/BT711, BT760/BT761 and BT790/BT791), carts and stands which were ideal for the education market (BT805 and BT865) and the beginning of our modular range of extension poles, ceiling brackets and accessories. The range was expanded to include mounts for projectors, large and small. The timing was good as the AV industry was introducing flat panel displays, particularly plasma screens, to the market. John Embley joined B-Tech in 2000 after working for Bib and will be greatly missed So as of December 1999, Bib became part of B-Tech International Ltd. In order to fulfil Rocelco's requirements, direct shipments from China and products in dual language packaging had to be organized WWW.BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM AMERICAS@BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM 10 A BR I EF H I STORY OF B-TECH

'01 '06 '03 The Professional AV market required a different approach to the consumer section, including a new modular system for integrators The rise in popularity for LCD & Plasma screens required developing a new range of mounting solutions, while a boom in Home Cinema set-ups allowed B-Tech to expand its range of Speaker Mounts. (Right) The BT33 Speaker Mount , one of B-Tech's first patented designs The first B-Tech website launches at www.b-tech-int.com Explosion of Consumer Flat Screen Mount sales Opening of B-Tech offices in Belgium & Singapore 19 B-Tech products start being widely promoted in Canada with new distributors Rocelco Inc. 19 '02 Matt Bennett sets up the first overseas office (B-Tech International (Hong Kong) Ltd.) located on Hong Kong Island to manage FOB shipments from China B-Tech became one of the first companies in the UK to offer mounting solutions for plasma screens (which in those days weighed the proverbial ton and needed somewhat industrial mounting solutions to hold them). I remember the fear in the AV mounting world as the industry voices predicted that there would be no need for mounts anymore – televisions were becoming so thin they could just be stuck on the wall and wouldn’t need specialised mounting solutions! We didn’t know it then, but these fears were unfounded. As we entered the new millennium, B-Tech continued to grow on multiple fronts. We had a greater focus on our own range of products (including Bib) but with a split between the retail and the Pro-AV ranges. At the same time, we had been busy developing our international distribution, albeit principally for the retail sector. As with the revolution of flat screens entering the market, there was also a boom for home cinema speaker packages. Again B-Tech was able to design, manufacture and get to market solutions, including our patented BT33/BT332 Home Cinema Speaker Wall Mounts and BT10 and BT11 Home Cinema Speaker Floor Stands. These were selected by Future Shop in Canada to lead their Boxing Week promotions. However, the volumes they wanted were far beyond anything we had produced before. We were hamstrung by the limits on space and the costs of handling it all in the UK, so we had to look at alternative options. The only way that we could meet this demand - and for the required price, was by producing the product entirely in Asia and shipping it directly to Vancouver in Canada. As with any challenge, opportunities are created. Having been successful in supplying Future Shop in Canada with a limited number of products direct from China, I could see the direction that the Company had to move in. I felt the best way we could compete, in both price and volume, would be to set-up production and assemblage entirely in Asia. This would allow B-Tech to ship directly to the headquarters in the UK and allow the UK operation to focus more on distribution rather than assembly, as well as sales and marketing. The biggest question was how we could do this, and who would oversee it. Aside from what it could do for the business, I was intrigued and excited about the personal development that could be had from such an experience, so I decided to volunteer myself for the task to see if I could make my idea work. SAFE • SOLID • SECURE It was agreed that we would transfer production to our Taiwanese partner, with manufacturing taking place in Dongguan, China. By June 2002, with a loan of $50,000, I had moved to Hong Kong and set up a new office to manage this process. When I left, I didn’t know whether I would be there for six days, six weeks, six months or longer, but it was a gamble I wanted to take. Once there, I quickly knew I was there to stay, and it gave me great satisfaction to pay back the loan within six months. The decision to transfer production would turn out to be another key moment because it led to B-Tech being truly international, way beyond the UK and Europe. Although my focus had been on overseeing the transfer of production and the manufacturing side of the business from the UK to China, I also looked to create further opportunities. Despite living in Hong Kong, I continued to manage the export side of the UK business. Before long, we were supplying customers direct from Hong Kong by the container load. The transformation from CRT to flat panel televisions led to our biggest growth spurt to date and one of the most pivotal moments in our history. '02 Opening of the first B-Tech international office in Hong Kong '03 UK HQ relocates to Daventry, Northamptonshire 11 B-TECH AV MOUNTS A BR I EF H I STORY OF B-TECH

WWW.BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM AMERICAS@BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM 12 A BR I EF H I STORY OF B-TECH Changing faces of the B-Tech catalog from 1989 - 2018 B-Tech Hong Kong staff exhibiting at the Hong Kong Electronic Fair Opening new markets for B-Tech in Australia, New Zealand & South Africa A family business, handing over the reins. Matt and Martin Bennett complete the management buyout of B-Tech '05 '08 '03 In addition, to generate further interest we participated in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair each October and April. From this we secured a number of OEM agreements for brands such as JVC, Conrad, Skymaster, G&BL, Masterplug and Ellies, as well as large retail chains such as Argos, Darty and Comet. To aid in this side of the business, my brother Thomas Bennett, who had joined the Company in the UK to produce the product artwork, moved to Hong Kong and helped me develop the branding and packaging for our OEM customers. Back in the UK, following the transfer of production and assembly to China, the business model was evolving. It was important that B-Tech had enough space to take in prepacked products in volume. With costs so high in London and the South-East of the UK, it was not viable to stay in the area. We looked further afield and found a suitable warehouse in Daventry, Northamptonshire, in the center of the UK and within easy access to the M1, M6 and M40 motorways. In the summer of 2003, Daventry became our new UK distribution center. Throughout the rest of the noughties, B-Tech expanded it's teams in both the UK and Hong Kong to support the growth of the business. Martin, still running the UK side of the business, kept his ‘design hat’ on, coming up with more and more products to cater for the increasing demand, particularly for flat screen TVs. He established a team of product designers in the UK that could turn his concepts and drawings into professional CAD models which were sent to myself and the Hong Kong team for production. It was around this time that Gary Purton, now our Director of Product Management, joined B-Tech on a work-placement year as part of his degree. Another notable joinee was Paul Haggarty, who joined the UK team and soon took over responsibility for the UK export business frommyself. Later on he was also responsible for our expansion into the Iberian peninsula. Simon Pilcher also joined, initially in a marketing role, but later became our General Manager in the UK. In 2006 several new B-Tech companies were formed around the world. My father opened B-Tech Pro-AV bvba in Belgium, to serve the Benelux market. Similarly, I did the same with B-Tech AVMounts Pte Ltd in Singapore and launched B-Tech in the USA. A FAMILY BUSINESS In 2007 my father decided that it was time for him to take a step back from the business and announced that he would like to find a buyer for B-Tech. A nagging feeling lingered withinme as I felt that my time wasn’t done and I wanted to explore how far I could take the Company, operating it as a single united B-Tech. I took the decision to give it a go and was able to get a multi-million pound finance package together. Upon completing the MBO, I moved back to the UK from Asia so I could focus on the UK operation. I decided to close the New Addington operation to consolidate everything into Daventry. All of the key staff were happy to relocate, so after 35 years operating out of Croydon/South London, collectively we were firmly committed to the Midlands. In April 2008, I completed the management buy-out (MBO) of the parts of the business owned by my father; B-Tech International in the UK and B-Tech Pro-AV in Belgium, and joined them with the businesses in the Far East that I had set up. Now I could start putting together my plans for B-Tech International… The success of our approach in the UK, where we were seeing considerable year-on-year growth, led to us contemplatingwhether this couldbe replicatedelsewhere. In 2003 it became necessary to seek larger facilities outside of Croydon and due to continual growth, in 2008 B-Tech UK fully relocated its HQ to Daventry, Northamptonshire

13 B-TECH AV MOUNTS A BR I EF H I STORY OF B-TECH Evolution of the B-Tech Screen Mount from CRT Televisions to LCD, Plasma screens & LED displays Respected throughout the industry, Martin Bennett was always happy to share his expertise '07 '05 '10 The next couple of years were extremely challenging due to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) that hit the world shortly after I had bought B-Tech. All of a sudden, like many other businesses around the world, our focus narrowed to keeping the company afloat. The bank that had generously agreed the loans to finance the MBO turned the tables and called them in, putting B-Tech and myself into an extremely difficult situation. Although B-Tech was profitable, it suffered under the burden of the loan debt. Though the banks felt a public backlash for creating the GFC, they did not hide the fact that their priority was recuperating as much as they could, regardless of the impact on the businesses or anyone involved with them. These were dark days and many an afternoon was spent waiting in anticipation of administrators coming in to close us down. However, we kept them at bay and after considerable endeavour to keep the company afloat a deal was reached. By 2014 B-Tech could start again, this time debt free and not beholden to the banks. B-TECH AUDIO VIDEO MOUNTS ETHOS After these lengthy distractions, for the first time in nearly four years I was able to concentrate on the business and where I wanted to take it. Unlike the retail side of the business where customers only needed to stock a limited range of products, the Pro-AV side consisted of hundreds of skus, both full kits and components. Finding distribution partners with enough space and financial capability to commit to stocking the range, as well as the dedicated team to manage it, was not an easy task to say the least. Buoyed by the experiences of our operations in Belgium and Singapore, I decided that when circumstances were right, B-Tech would set up its own company in countries where we intended to do business. Effectively becoming the distributor and offering the levels of service that I deemed correct. One of the key conditions I set myself, particularly after my experiences with ‘the bank’, was that each of these sister companies had to be self-financed by B-Tech. It was always a risk setting up in a new country despite our best due diligence and I had to ensure that B-Tech, as a wider group, would not be put at risk itself from any venture. As always, success breeds success, and the more successful B-Tech was in each operation, the more revenue was created that could be invested into other global operations. This strategy was also core to my desire to spread the risk in terms of revenue. I did not want B-Tech to just rely on one country. There would simply be too much exposure. The wider B-Tech could reach globally, the more I could spread the risk and reduce the impact of any local or regional economic downturns, or the slowdown of development in local AV industries. To complement our operation in Belgium, I wanted to develop our Pro-AV business in Germany and in 2010 we set up operations in Berlin, forming B-Tech Deutschland GmbH with Thomas Barz and later on his son Christopher Barz. Two years later, with the experience in Spain of our Export Manager Paul Haggarty, we took the opportunity to set up our own operation and B-Tech International (Iberia) SL was formed. Paul grew the Iberian business rapidly with an excellent team that included Andreu Aguilar and Montse Baena, both of whom had been part of our previous distributor's team. Spain, together with Belgium, which was prospering under the guidance of Steven Verdood, gave us three locations in continental Europe. One of the most important attributes of B-Tech - its essence - is that of service. I believe you should treat your customers with respect, honesty and expediency - just how you would want to be treated yourself. BT16 BT711 BT7515 BT8310 BT9340 UK staff photo from B-Tech's 35th Anniversary celebrations in 2007. Including Gary Purton, MarkWalker, Paul Haggarty, Nikki Batchelor & TomBennett all still with B-Tech 15 years later! '12 Matt Bennett with Thomas Barz discussing the formation of B-Tech Deutschland GmbH Thomas, Steven and Andreu strategising the way forward for B-Tech in Europe

'10 By 2010 By 2010, B-Tech had 4 European offices with warehouses and showrooms facilities in addition to the two offices located in Asia Opening of B-Tech Germany Opening of B-Tech Iberia Opening of B-Tech China '12 '13 '10 '08 Matt takes control of B-Tech through a management buyout '13 '14 Exhibiting at InfoComm MEA. Expanding B-Tech’s presence in the Middle East SlNnow AV H33l-H • EISAHI il!aJN��---­ �\i':3A :3Hl JO �:3�n18\i'JnN\I� Lio, SOcJVMVAV a-TECH -M□UNTs• LL MOUNT with Double Arm Universal screen mounting up to 426 x 400mm Ultra-slim wall mount Distance from wall: Min. 40mm - Max. 454mm Cable management clip for a neat and tidy installation • Wall mount designed for screens up to 55" ( 1 40cm) / 35kg (771bs) • Suitable for screens with fixings up to 426 x 400mm • MountsVESA® patterns: 400 x 400mm, 400 x 300mm, 300 x 300mm, 300 x 200mm, 200 x 200mm and 200 x I 00mm • Features 180° swivel and + I 0°/-2° tilt • Double arm for optimum screen positioning • Arm extends up to 454mm from the wall • Ultra-slim profile design mounts screen only 40mm from wall when folded flat • Compatible with screens with M4, M6 and MS fixings • All necessary fixings and mounting hardware included • Quick and simple installation 35kg r· +10° , _!0 I www.btechavmounts.com 180° 240° 0 40mm - 454mm EAS TE STALL.A: ....,e: �.,;!Sj Desl !Jl,00&Engineered In1:1,e UKby B-TECH AVMOUNTS Bennett House, Long March Daventry, Northants, NN11 4NR, UK info@btechavmounts.com ©2021 B-Tech International DB!lign & Manufar::b.lring Ltd. All r-ights reserved. B-TechAVMounts is a division of B-Tech International Design & Manufacturing Ltd. B-Tech, the B-Tech logo &Ventry are registered trademarks of B-Tech International Design & Manufacturing Ltd. All other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Photographs are for illustraavepurposes only. Screen is not included. E&OE. #1:J CIGITAL _ •_ rcr'\1A '- sG\JAGE VLL....11 F�D�R"'TON Vent[Y" r a n ■ e BTV513 • COLOUR BTV513 - Black The Ventry Range was launched to supply Flat Screen and Speaker Mounts to cover the Consumer market Established AV companies Lawton Trade Supplies & Diamond Stylus Company acquired by B-Tech in 2011 Launch of our first Pop-out Videowall Mount '12 '14 Opening of B-Tech MEAI Opening of B-Tech Vietnam B-Tech opens offices in Ningbo, China, and later Hanoi, Vietnam to oversee productions, QC & operations in the APAC region This meant that we could employ local people, use local services and hopefully play a small role in boosting the local economy. BETTER BY DESIGN Although we were gaining market penetration with our pro-AV products worldwide, the traditional retail market had not been forgotten. We decided to design and launch a new range of entry level wall mounts specifically for the retail market. This became known as the ‘Ventry Range’ (play on Value Entry Range). In the UK, one of our key distributors at that time, Lawton Trade Supplies, had been appointed as our exclusive UK distributor for Ventry, but with the retail market still suffering from the GFC, the typical distribution model was being eroded as everybody looked to cut costs. Using the same thought process that I had used on the Pro-AV side of the business, I felt that B-Tech should go direct to market. An opportunity arose and B-Tech acted quickly to acquire Lawton, including its OEM brands such as Listen. We hired Lawton’s best and most experienced salesman, Mirek Matwiejczyk, who had been selling B-Tech products for longer than he wanted to remember, and went direct to the retail market. An added aspect of the deal that I had negotiated was the inclusion of the Diamond Stylus Company (DSC). This brought B-Tech full circle as we already had a dedicated customer base for styli going back to the Lennard Developments days, as well as Bib. We now had the full offering from DSC to complement our own products, and a combined customer base far greater than we'd ever had before. On themanufacturing front, although themove to China had been a success, costs were increasing in the region, presenting us with some challenges. We therefore decided to transfer manufacturing from the Dongguan region to the Ningbo area. To manage this operation efficiently, we set up an additional B-Tech company in Ningbo, Ningbo B-Tech International Trading Co., Ltd. This was managed by Mark Almond, who had joined us in Hong Kong five years earlier, and soon after we had a good team based in Ningbo. This included Jenny Li. who, having proven her astuteness, initiative, and good business sense, is still with B-Tech and is now our Director of Operations for APAC, based out of our Ningbo office. We continued to explore opportunities to gain a competitive advantage and additional manufacturing bases were sought. It was decided that Vietnam would be our next destination and after significant time researching opportunities there, in 2015 B-Tech set up an operation in Hanoi, Vietnam – B-Tech International Vina Co., Ltd. To reflect what I considered to be a very important aspect of our Company - that we design and manufacture our own products - our operation in Hong Kong became B-Tech International Design and Manufacturing Ltd. This part of the business now manages and oversees the manufacturing and supply chain for B-Tech, including our operations in China and Vietnam, and coordinates with our UK, European and North American operations. I was also keen for B-Tech to gain a greater presence in the Middle East and SAARC region. In 2014 B-Tech entered into an agreement to form B Tech Audio Visual Accessories Trading LLC, based in Dubai, UAE. The demand for our new videowall mounting solutions was incredible and had justified setting up a dedicated local operation. Jon Alway, who had joined B-Tech in the UK to aid our export expansion, took the helm for our MEAI adventure and it was not long before B-Tech products were being specified into all kinds of projects around the Middle East and India. It was important to me that these weren’t seen as German or Spanish satellite offices of B-Tech in the UK, but that we actuallyhadGermanandSpanish companies that happened to be part of B-Tech. WWW.BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM AMERICAS@BTECHAVMOUNTS.COM 14 A BR I EF H I STORY OF B-TECH

AV Awards winner Manufacturer Of The Year '17 '16 Expansion of operations B-Tech APAC (AUS/NZ) 50th Anniversary of B-Tech '20 '22 Opening of B-Tech North America '17 To much acclaim, System X was launched in 2016 Back on the product development front, we saw another seismic shift in the industry beginning to take place, with the emergence of digital signage. This meant increasing demand for specialist mounting solutions for videowalls and large screens, and B-Tech was in a prime position to take advantage. B-Tech exhibiting around the globe Including Europe, the Middle East, Asia & North America from Working in unison, the B-Tech European offices congregate at the Barcelona showroom Representives from UK, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland & the Netherlands. IFA pre-show warm-up in Berlin with our Norwegian friends Halfdan, Ole & Klaus from Interconnect System X is launched '16 Opening of B-Tech Korea '19 Sensing an opportunity to change the way the market thinks about mounting AV equipment, Mark Walker, who had joined B-Tech in 2007, came up with a revolutionary mounting system based on extruded aluminium - System X. This is essentially a component-based range from which infinite solutions can be created. Additionally, he designed and developed an industry first configuration tool that automatically selects the required components. B-Tech had already made significant ground in the digital signage market with the introduction of the BT8310 Push-In Push-Out Videowall Mount a few years earlier, but System X gave us an innovative new way of serving the market and provided a huge amount of flexibility to integrators. In 2016 this innovation was recognised when System X was awarded a commendation at the prestigious AV Awards in London. For the Pro-AV market, the predominant show is ISE in Europe. Aside from the first show in Geneva, B-Tech has been ever-present in Amsterdam (as well as the one-off in Brussels) and is signed up for exhibiting in ISE's new home of Barcelona. In North America, our first InfoComm was in Atlanta 2004 followed by ones in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Anaheim. We have also participated at the Cedia Show in Denver and the Digital Signage Show in Las Vegas, as well as international InfoComm shows in Dubai, Singapore, Johannesburg, Moscow, Bangkok, Mumbai, Japan and Korea. B-TECH AV MOUNTS Having a good local service and a good product range doesn’t go far if people aren’t aware of what you offer. Our brand awareness varies from market to market with some naturally being stronger than others. Each international market is different. I realised that with the expansion of the product range over the previous 40 years, B-Tech was offering quite a convoluted mix. Although we had the mainstay of B-Tech-branded products, we also had the Bib range, Listen from Lawton, Styli from Diamond Stylus Company and so on. This meant that we were selling everything from expensive professional television mounts to hamburger-themed CDwallets; fromScart cables toMiniBox cases, and styli to television furniture. Given the nature of some of the markets that these products were being sold into, the opportunity to make any sensible margin was diminishing quickly. Too many products were essentially copied by numerous factories in China driving down the cost. Taking these factors into consideration, I decided that the Company needed focus, both in our product range and branding, so that it was clear what we did and what we specialise in. We had a multitude of names including B-Tech International Ltd in the UK, B-Tech Pro-AV in Belgium and B-Tech Deutschland in Germany. Aside from the word ‘B-Tech’, there was little consistency in what we represented. Over the next few years, we were able to refine our available ranges to products that were exclusively designed and developed by ourselves and available under the B-Tech brand. Taking the Ronseal approach, I felt that we should keep it simple and have the brand stating clearly what we do - B-Tech AV Mounts. In 2009 Nick Spencer joined B-Tech and brought his creative genius with him whilst embracing the ideas and philosophies that I wanted B-Tech to demonstrate; what we stood for as a company. B-Tech’s branding was revolutionised, from our packaging and catalogs to our website, booth design at tradeshows and promotional material. We support each of our international operations with local marketing and branding support, as well as tailored programmes with our distribution partners. We have multilingual marketing support which helps to reinforce our ‘local service on a global scale’philosophy. The triumvirate of Nick Spencer (Director of Marketing and Communications), Mark Walker (who is now our Director of Operations in the UK) and Gary Purton (who, as Director of Product Management, was responsible for bringing quality products to the table) meant that B-Tech could design, produce, distribute and market professional mounting solutions to the world. 15 B-TECH AV MOUNTS A BR I EF H I STORY OF B-TECH