B-Tech International has widened its reach across the globe by opening a new facility in Vietnam.

The Hanoi operation supplements its work in Hong Kong and China to aid in the development, production and distribution of B-Tech's world recognised mounting solutions. B-Tech, which is headquartered in Daventry, UK, also has centres in Belgium, Germany, Spain and Dubai and as a result is better able to manufacture and distribute its products more quickly and at an affordable cost.

Matt Bennett, MD of B-Tech, said: “Our expansion into new countries helps us remain well placed to tap in to new and emerging markets. Our Vietnam facility will be used for product development, shipping and distribution with the intention that it will grow.

We are now holding more stock at our subsidiaries and supplying customers directly from those offices. This significantly reduces shipping costs, speeds up delivery times and allows all invoicing to be done in local currency. We have adopted this practice across Europe and the Far East. Already this year we have seen incredibly positive reactions at various trade shows to our products and will continue to exhibit around the world.”