Brand New Pole Mounts for Ø50mm Pole and Collar System

25 Jun 15




As part of the update to our Ø50mm pole and collar system, B-Tech are pleased to announce

the launch of four brand new pole mounts which are ideal for a range of floor, ceiling or wall mounted setups.


The range includes the BT7806 Ceiling/Floor Mount and a twin pole version - BT7807, both of which are made from

heavy duty steel which is capable of supporting large, weighty installations. Both can be ceiling mounted, bolted to the floor, or used as a complete floor-to-ceiling install if desired.


The BT7831 is a wall mounting bracket that works in conjunction with floor/ceiling mounts to create

floor-to-wall and ceiling-to-wall installs. Alternatively, two of these can be used to fix poles straight onto the wall without needing any floor or ceiling fixings.

The BT7808 is a ceiling mount with an adjustable tilt range of up to 90°. This makes it ideal for installs on to angled ceilings and also allows poles to be fitted onto walls in both horizontal and vertical configurations.



BT7806 Heavy Duty Floor / Ceiling Mount

BT7807 Twin Floor / Ceiling Mount

BT7808 Ceiling / Wall Mount with Tilt

BT7831 Wall Mounting Bracket




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