B-Tech shortlisted as a finalist at this year's AV Awards

17 Aug 23


We are a FINALIST!

We are delighted that the B-Tech AV Mounts Curved dvLED Mounting Solution has been shortlisted as a finalist at the AV Awards 2023, specifically within the Support Technology Of The Year Category.

The AV Awards stands as the premier audiovisual event in the UK, attracting over 1200 attendees from all areas of the industry. The Awards will again be held in the heart of the stunning Battersea Park at Evolution London on November 3, where the winners will be announced during an illustrious awards ceremony.

We are incredibly proud that our Curved dvLED Mounting System, renowned for its seamless and effortless installation process, has been shortlisted for an AV Award. Our dvLED system is available for all significant dvLED panel brands and can be ordered to suit any installation requirement.

Adjustable mounting plates feature throughout the wall-mounted (BT9343), freestanding (BT9373) and bolt-down (BT9375) solutions allow the mounting frame to be precision-aligned before hanging the dvLED cabinets, speeding up the installation process and preventing unnecessary damage to the cabinets or the LEDs.

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 Available as a wall mounted solution or as a freestanding or bolt-down solution.

BT9343 Curved Wall
Mounted System
BT9373 Curved Freestanding
Mounting System
BT9375 Curved Bolt-Down
Mounting System







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