Pole Mounted Systems

B-Tech's 35mm, 50mm and 60mm diameter pole systems allow professionals to tailor custom mounting solutions to their exact requirements. The pole ranges are accompanied by a variety of mounting interfaces and accessories which attach to the poles using B-Tech accessory collars. Please use the filter checkboxes in the below categories to see which ranges each item is compatible with.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling Mounts for use with 35mm and 50mm diameter poles.

Wall Mounts

Wall Mounts for use with 50mm diameter poles.

Specialist Pole Mounts

Specialist mounts for use with 50mm poles.

Floor Bases

Floor Bases for use with 60mm diameter poles.


35mm, 50mm and 60mm diameter poles for use with B-Tech Collars and Accessories to create custom
mounting solutions.


35mm, 50mm and 60mm Accessory Collars for use with B-Tech poles

Screen Mounts

Flat screen mounts compatible with B-Tech poles and collars.

Screen Interfaces

Professional interface kits designed for use in conjunction with a professional screen mounting solution.

Projector Mounts

Pole mounted projector mounts which are compatible with 35mm and 50mm diameter B-Tech poles.

Shelves & AV Devices

Enhance your pole mounted installation with these accessories.