System X™ Row Height Adjustment Spacer


Set row distances for videowalls


The BT8390-SP row height spacer is designed to set the distance between two horizontal mounting rails for landscape video wall installations. The spacer simply hooks over BT8380-JPK and is incremented to make it compatible with 46", 47", 55" and 60" screens. This product is a useful tool that dramatically shortens install times by eliminating on-site calculations, while creating perfectly spaced video wall solutions.



  • Designed to speed up installations of 46", 47", 55" and 60" videowalls
  • Increment notches in the product allow the correct screen size to be quickly identified and set
    into place using the thumbwheel
  • Dramatically shortens install times by eliminating on-site calculations
  • Supplied with all System X off-the-shelf videowall solutions as standard
  • Re-suable for future builds
  • Steel thickness: 2mm (0.07")
  • Screen size increments: 46", 47", 55" and 60"
  • Maximum extension: 942mm (37")
  • Colour: Black
Notches in the product allow the correct screen size to be quickly identified Thumbwheel allows the setting on the spacer to be fixed in place Simply hooks onto BT8380-JPK to space mounting rails to the desired screen size Easy to use design gives clear and precise measurement

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet (PDF)

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