Fixed Drop Projector Ceiling Mount with Micro-Adjustment


 Available in 6 pole lengths


The BT893-FD is a ceiling mounted, universal projector mount designed to mount projectors up to 70kg. Suitable for use with angled ceilings, the BT893-FD features easy adjustment of tilt, yaw & roll plus additional micro-adjustment at each corner makes alignment of projections quick & simple. The projector fixes to a mounting plate that can be extended to accommodate large fixing patterns using the included extension legs. Available in a range of pole lengths to suit your requirements.




BT899-FD Fixed Drop Projector Ceiling Mount with Micro-Adjustment


  • Designed to mount heavy duty projectors from the ceiling
  • Adjustable ceiling plate suitable for angled ceilings
  • Easy, incremented tilt adjustment
  • Micro-adjustment thumbwheels at 4-points for controlled & precise adjustment of the projector
  • Ideal for use with projection mapping projectors
  • Pole is internally unobstructed for cables to pass through easily
  • Optional extension legs can be used to accommodate larger fixing patterns
  • Suitable for projectors using M6, M8, M10 & M12 fixings
  • Quick & easy assembly
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Maximum load: 25kg (55lbs)
  • Tilt: +/-13°
  • Yaw: 360°
  • Roll: +/-6°
  • Ceiling plate tilt: 90°
  • Maximum distance between fixings: 370mm
  • Colour options: Black or Chrome pole
  • Original designs by B-Tech AV Mounts - registered designs & patents apply
BT899-FD Fixed Drop Projector Ceiling Mount with Micro-Adjustment Unique ‘carousel’ mounting plate for universal compatibility Optional micro-adjustment feature for short throw projectors BT899-FD Fixed Drop Projector Ceiling Mount with Micro-Adjustment

Product Specification Sheet (PDF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD025 (PDF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD025 (DXF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD050 (PDF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD050 (DXF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD100 (PDF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD100 (DXF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD150 (PDF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD150 (DXF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD200 (PDF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD200 (DXF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD300 (PDF)

Technical Drawing - BTD-BT899-FD300 (DXF)

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