dvLED Ceiling Mount


Universal Design, Off-The-Shelf From Stock


The BT9342 is a ceiling mounted solution designed to assemble dvLED cabinet videowalls. Using components from B-Tech's System X and System 2 ranges, the BT9342 is part of a universal mounting system which is compatible with various dvLED cabinets, for use in several formats; wall mounted, trolley, freestanding, bolt down and ceiling mounted. An dvLED configuration tool allows BT9342 requirements to be specified online and features a quote request option which means pricing can be provided quickly, orders placed can then be fulfilled with short lead times thanks to our extensive stock of off-the-shelf B-Tech components.



BT9342-FM - Universal Direct View LED Ceiling mount


Configure a BT9342
  • Configurable mounting solution available to order to your requirements, from
    stock - see configurator for info
  • Universal design suitable for a variety of DVLED panels and configurations
  • Options for front or rear mounted panels (see below)
  • Assembled from off-the-shelf components for fast order fulfilment
  • Online configuration tool for quick turnaround of quotes - no more lengthy
    wait for bespoke pricing from custom manufacturing
  • System can be extended to any required width for large installations
  • Open frame allows panel access for easy servicing and maintenance
  • Pre-assembly of major parts for quick and easy installation
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Cabinet fixing method:
    Front: BT9342-FM
    Rear: BT9342-RM*
  • Colour option (poles & ceiling mounts): Black, white or chrome
  • Colour option (horizontal rails): Black or silver
  • For indoor use only

    *Keyhole mounting for rear access panels allows safe and secure
    installation of large scale LED videowalls
BT9342-RM - Rear Mounted BT9342-RM - Rear Mounted BT9342-FM - Front Mounted BT9342-FM - Front Mounted

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet (PDF)

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