Dome Security Camera Mount


For Ø38MM Poles


BT5910 is a CCTV mount that has been designed to fix a small to medium sized domed security camera from a BT5935 038mm pole. As part of B-Tech’s System V component range, the BT5910 allows professionals to customise their security mounting solutions to their specific requirement, such as pole mounting CCTV cameras and screens from the ceiling. The BT5910 has a plate diameter of 144mm and with multiple mounting points, installation is quick and easy.



  BT5910 - Attaches directly to BT5935 Ø38mm poles
  • Mount a small to medium sized dome CCTV camera to the end of a BT5935 Ø38mm pole
  • Carousel suitable for cameras with fixings from 51mm up to 127.5mm apart
  • Grub screws allow micro-adjustment of the mount
  • Security bolt ensure a secure installation of AV equipment
  • Integrated cable management allows cables to pass through the centre of the mount
  • Create a variety of ceiling mounted CCTV installs using System V's range of components
  • Maximum load: 5kg
  • Camera fixings dimensions: 51mm - 127.5mm
  • Camera plate diameter: 144mm
  • Colour: White
BT5910 - Multiple mounting points for small / medium domed CCTV security cameras BT5910 - Attaches directly to BT5935 Ø38mm poles BT5910 - Integrated security bolt ensure a secure installation of AV equipment BT5910 - Off-the-shelf kits also available

Product Specification Sheets

Specification Sheet (PDF)


Technical Drawings

Technical Drawing (PDF)

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