Truss Clamp


For Ø50mm Poles


Designed to fit B-Tech's Ø50mm poles onto truss systems, scaffolding and other horizontal poles, the BT7825 features a Zinc plated clamp to fit truss sizes of Ø42mm - Ø50mm and integrated cable management. The BT7825 has a drop length of 194mm and comes pre-assembled to shorten install times. Supplied as standard with safety bolt and grub screws for a secure installation, these can be replaced with alternative shorter versions, to allow a better channel that allows cables to pass through more easily.



  • Adjustable adaptor for attaching Ø50mm poles to truss system's scaffolding
    and other horizontal poles
  • Supplied with safety bolt for secure installation
  • Multiple grub screws allow micro-adjustment of the pole angle once mounted
  • Internally unobstructed for cables to pass through easily
  • Wing-nut fixing allows quick release of the clamp from the pole
  • Integrated cable management for a neat and tidy installation
  • Max load (single screen installations): 70kg (154.3lbs)
  • Max load (back-to-back installations): 140kg (308.6lbs)
  • Steel thickness: 2mm (0.08")
  • Drop length: 194mm (7.6")
  • Truss compatibility: Ø42mm (1.65") - Ø50mm (2")
  • Colour: Black with Zinc clamp
BT7825 - Truss Clamp for 50mm poles BT7825 - Truss Clamp for 50mm poles BT7825 - Truss Clamp for 50mm poles BT7825 - Truss Clamp for 50mm poles

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet (PDF)


Installation Guide

Installation Guide (PDF)


Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing (PDF)

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